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Germs in the workplace


Germs are everywhere. 

Even if a facility looks and smells clean, it is not clean until you have killed and removed germs.
Our Cleaning for the Unseen® approach is an important part of the Coverall Program.

While people can't see germs with the naked eye, Coverall Franchised Businesses know where
they are and use professional commercial cleaning methods to kill and remove them.



How germs spread


  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Touching contaminated surfaces
  • Blood and other body fluids
  • Contaminated food or water
  • Insects or other carrier
  • Cross-contamination

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Know your germs


Did you know…

the average person comes into contact with
60,000 types of germs
on a daily basis?

When sick people cough or sneeze, germs get on their hands, float in the air and land on surfaces. Healthy people breathe in germs or touch contaminated surfaces, then touch their mouths -  which can make them sick.

The Coverall
® Program helps reduce the risk of illness and infection while creating an exceptionally clean facility.


Germ Hot Spots

Some surfaces or objects tend to have more germs on them because they are touched
by a lot of people each day. These are called germ hot spots or high touch points.


How do Coverall Franchised Businesses clean germ hot spots in your facility?

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  Yes, clean can be measured


Restaurants, healthcare facilities and schools have industry standards in place to help protect public health.
These standards define and help ensure proper disinfection (killing and removal of viruses and illness-causing germs) on surfaces.





A scientific device called the ATP meter can detect how sanitary—or unsanitary—a surface is by measuring Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) which is a kind of  biological pollution left behind by living cells.

With the help of this tool, better cleaning methods can be created by testing the germ-killing and removal effectiveness of equipment and chemicals.

When we developed the Coverall® Program, we tested every tool and technique with the ATP meter to ensure that we were getting the best possible disinfection results, what we call a Cleaning for the Unseen® approach.

Coverall continues to use the ATP meter as we further innovate and lead the commercial cleaning industry with the most advanced technologies and processes for healthy cleaning.