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What’s in your janitor’s closet?

What you don't know won't hurt you, right? Not always true. Knowledge is power. 

Would you want to know if your work surfaces are wiped down with the same rag used to clean the toilet? Or your break room floors are being mopped with dirty, germ-filled water? 
Not only is that icky and unsanitary but it could be happening to you.

Traditional janitors may use outdated cleaning methods and equipment that are sometimes better at spreading germs than eliminating them. Dirty string mops and cotton rags are major offenders.  Unlabeled chemical bottles are an OSHA violation and old upright vacuums blow more dust into the air than they remove.  

How well do you know the contents of your janitor’s closet?
(go ahead and take a peek!)


Cleaning Concepts®

Professional commercial cleaning companies need proper tools to produce a healthier, better clean. 
The chemistry, equipment and system used in the cleaning process make all the difference.

Learn how the Coverall® Program and the Coverall Core 4® Process can help you get a cleaner, healthier office facility.