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Should I Buy a Cleaning Franchise or Start my Own Cleaning Business?

Many individuals dream of starting their own business. If you’re one of them, you have some important choices to make. If you already know you want to run a commercial cleaning business, you’re in the right place! But different elements come into play when starting a cleaning business versus buying a cleaning franchise. We break down the questions you should ask yourself to compare the differences.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Business?

Either way you approach becoming a business owner, you gain certain benefits. For example, you experience the freedom of setting your own schedule and choosing who to hire. You get the chance to provide a service to local businesses, provide jobs, and get more involved in your community.

What if I Have No Experience in the Cleaning Business?

Starting a business—any business—with no experience can be a scary proposition. Commercial cleaning supports the success of the businesses being serviced. It requires specialized knowledge of cleaning products, cleaning equipment, techniques and best practices.

Inc magazine says that starting a business from scratch is best for an entrepreneur with a unique business idea with no existing competition. The cleaning business is highly competitive, so in this industry, a better bet is to hitch your wagon to a trusted and proven brand. Buying a franchise gives you the advantages of an established company. Look for a franchisor that provides training and resources to set you up for success.

How Will I Get Clients for My Cleaning Business?

Some people choose to tackle their own marketing strategy when they start a business. However, buying a franchise means a lot of that work has been done for you. A franchise comes with pre-existing brand awareness and marketing and sales support.

When launching a startup, you need to invest in branding strategy and assets. For example, you would need to pay someone to design your logo, help you choose brand colors, produce marketing materials, and more. Ideally, you would need a long-term marketing plan fully thought out before you could even start to seek clients. A franchise business opportunity leapfrogs those costly and time-consuming steps.

Are My Expectations for Owning a Business Realistic?

Before you start a cleaning business, think through your expectations. Most startup owners go through a lot of trial and error trying to find what works. And while statistics vary, some say that only half of startups survive their first five years

With a franchise, the trial and error has already been done for you. The parent company has spent years figuring out what works and gaining name recognition. The high-risk factor of a startup sounds like it will equal higher returns, but those billionaire success stories are extremely rare.

Some people wish to start their own independent business because they like the idea of starting small and growing at a pace that fits their lifestyle. However, it’s a misconception that franchises limit this freedom. Talk to the franchisor you’re considering about the size and growth rate with which you’re comfortable. As you gain more knowledge of the cleaning industry and more clients, you may wish to expand… or not. You get to choose.

Start Your Cleaning Business Off Right

Coverall is a trusted brand that has helped more than 8,000 people become business owners. When you invest in a Coverall commercial cleaning franchise business, you are instantly part of a respected company. The resources and advantages you get will get you on the road to your entrepreneurial dreams. Request information on how to get started.

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