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Why a Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

There are thousands of franchise opportunities out there, so choosing the right one can be a challenge. If you're looking for an opportunity with low start-up costs, the franchise type can make a big difference. If you’re starting to explore the different types of franchise opportunities out there, read on to see why a commercial cleaning franchise might check all your boxes.

Types of Franchise Opportunities

There are , which vary tremendously in terms of startup cost as well as ongoing costs.
Some franchise business models require huge startup capital, like an investment franchise, where you “buy in” to a large hotel or restaurant, usually with a higher risk of failure. Other types, like distributions franchises, require you to buy and store large amounts of product that you will have to try and resell.

The most popular type, however, is business format franchising. These include restaurants and retail, which may be more familiar kinds of franchises. The cost of those, unfortunately, is comparably very high and out of reach for many would-be business owners.

Coverall is a business format franchise, which means you’re placing your trust in an established, respected brand. We have spent more than 35 years learning what it takes to operate and market a successful franchise company that specializes in commercial cleaning services. We share that knowledge with you and work alongside you as you market your company.

Advantages of a Commerical Cleaning Franchise Business

A service-based business like a cleaning service offers numerous advantages. For starters, unlike a restaurant or retail store, you can run a commercial cleaning franchise from your home. This means it’s one of the best franchise models for a budget-conscious entrepreneur who wants or needs flexibility. You won’t have to staff a physical location all day, everyday, regardless of the pace of business. You set your own pace and hours, resulting in better work-life balance.

Running a service-based business minimizes overhead. In addition, you save on costs by buying only the supplies you need, as you need them. You will get your supplies directly from Coverall, so you’re assured of the quality and consistency.

Many Coverall franchise business owners describe how fulfilling they find their work, too. They get the opportunity to create jobs in their community, and sometimes make it a family business. As they provide cleaning services, they get to know local business owners and gain satisfaction from knowing they make a positive contribution to a healthy, orderly, positive community image. 

Affordability and Veteran Discounts 

As we mentioned above, a commercial cleaning franchise can cost significantly less than other types of small businesses. Even among commercial and janitorial cleaning services, Coverall’s franchise model may be one of the most affordable. There is even a discount for military veterans, making Coverall a great choice for military heroes transitioning to civilian careers. You will see why we’re recognized as a leading veteran-friendly franchise.

Training and Mentorship

When you choose a franchise, look for one that is willing to guide you throughout the process of starting and running your business. Even with no prior business experience, you can own a franchise when you have the right support. At Coverall, we will train and guide you through our gold-standard cleaning process, certifying you in our proprietary system. You’ll also get one-on-one mentorship, as well as  guidance on how to bid on businesses sell additional services, and other business opportunities.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled in your current career, explore how you can make a positive change. Consider a Coverall commercial cleaning franchise opportunity.

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