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Growing Your Franchise Business

One of the most satisfying aspects about owning a franchised commercial cleaning business is seeing it grow. When you strive to execute your own ideas and they work out, the feeling can be very rewarding. As a Coverall franchise business owner, you can grow your business at the pace and schedule you set—follow these tips to learn how.

Develop Your Business Goals

The first step in growing your franchise business is determining what you want to achieve. What goals do you want to accomplish in the first six months of your business? The first year? The next five years? Write down all your goals – big and small, general and specific. If you want to reach a sales benchmark, gain a certain number of repeat clients, or increase your brand awareness among your community, write it all down. Then, prioritize your goals. Which ones are you most passionate about? Which goals will bring you the highest return on investment? Once you begin organizing your goals, you’ll be ready to create an action plan to meet them.

Focus on Quality of Service 

The brand recognition of a nationally established franchise, like Coverall, is one of the great benefits of owning a franchise. But to go beyond brand awareness, you’ll need to show your accounts that your franchised cleaning business is dedicated to providing the best service possible. Checking on your customers can ensure they are happy and encourage them to advocate for you in your community. Focus on what you do well and be consistent with the quality of service you and your employees provide. You’ll build customer loyalty and avoid damage or repair costs from rushed jobs. 

Use Resources from Your Franchisor

Many franchisors offer resources for you to use to spread the word in your area. Coverall provides their franchise owners with business cards, sales tools, flyers and more. When out in the community, look for local community boards to leave behind some of your materials and swag. 

Add a Personal Touch

Retain customers by showing them that you appreciate their business. Coverall provides franchise owners with blank branded thank you cards and envelopes, so you can send some snail mail or leave a card when visiting accounts. Customers who are happy with your excellent services are likely to spread better word-of-mouth and refer you to potential new customers. 

Opening your own business and growing it is hard work, but it’s also very exciting. After all, seeking growth and embracing change are characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit. To set your franchise up for potential success, set clear goals, plan how to attain them realistically, and stay honest and consistent with your work.  

If you’re curious about owning a franchised commercial cleaning business, contact Coverall today. You’ll get a proven roadmap to follow, plus the support of a trusted brand.