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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaner

Sometimes getting the right information you need to make a decision means asking the right questions. When it comes to getting janitorial cleaning quotes, there are certain things you should ask to ensure you’re getting a complete picture of the company you’re about to hire. Here are some questions to ask if you’re in the process of hiring a commercial cleaning company.

What’s Your Cleaning Schedule?

During the janitorial cleaning quote process, be sure to ask when your workplace will get serviced. Do you have a lot of client meetings in the morning? Make sure the commercial cleaner you go with won’t be vacuuming or creating noise when the office needs to be quiet. Finding a routine that works for both parties is key to a long-lasting business relationship.

Do Your Products Kill Germs? 

Too many commercial cleaning companies do a quick wipe-down in the office without using the right products that facilitate a true clean. Ask the cleaning service if the products they use kills germs instead of just spreading them around. These disinfectants should also be EPA-registered chemicals and not a homemade solution. 

Have You Developed a System for Cleaning? 

You have systems and processes in the workplace and the commercial cleaning service you hire should have them, too. The best cleaning professionals will have a system for cleaning your workplace. While looking for cleaning quotes, ask the service providers to explain their cleaning systems and processes. Make sure they use the latest tools and cleaning protocols to remove the maximum amount of soil and reduce the risk of illness.

Do You Offer Customized Pricing?

One of the most important questions that should be on your commercial cleaning services list should relate to pricing. Afterall, the best commercial cleaning services aren’t much help if they break the bank or the cleaning quotes keep arbitrability changing. Ask if there’s a custom pricing option, then have the candidates on your short list visit your workplace so they can survey the area to provide that tailor-made quote. Beware of commercial cleaning companies that give you an exact quote without taking some time to learn about your space or cleaning needs.

Are You Experienced?

You probably wouldn’t hire someone at your workplace unless he or she has experience, so you wouldn’t hire an inexperienced cleaning service either. Fly-by-night services can’t give your workplace a thorough clean like the established pros can. Almost anyone can sweep a floor, but it takes a commercial cleaning service with experience and the backing a reputable brand to offer competitive prices and great customer service, in addition to a sparkling clean.

Coverall has been a trusted leader in the commercial cleaning industry for more than 30 years. We train our franchise business owners on the proper cleaning techniques to reduce the spread of germs and illness in the workplace – while giving you a clean, tidy place to do your job. 

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