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Medical Office Manager’s Guide to Commercial Cleaning Services

Medical facilities have a responsibility, more so than any other business, to stay clean and sanitary at all times. If you manage a facility like a doctor’s office, testing facility, dialysis center, dental practice or veterinary clinic, you need a professional, hospital-grade commercial cleaning service you can count on. 

Here, we'll guide you through choosing a trustworthy commercial healthcare cleaning service, the types of services they offer, and how your free quote is estimated.

Medical Cleaning is More Important Than Ever

With heightened awareness about the spreading of germs and transmission of viruses, your employees and patients are paying close attention to cleanliness. From the moment someone steps into your waiting room, they form an impression of your practice. They may ask questions about cleaning regimens in your practice, so you should be able to provide informed answers. You’re an essential business, so people are counting on you.

A Clean Healthcare Environment Directly Correlates to Health and Safety

Reducing germs, including those that cause contagious illness, makes a difference for everyone who enters your medical facility. When employees get sick, productivity suffers, and you are unable to serve the public that needs you. COVID-19 provided an extreme example of how an illness can halt activity, and it also showed that asymptomatic people can spread a contagious illness.

Cleaning and Disinfecting are Only Effective if Done Correctly

Professional commercial cleaners should use the correct tools and protocols to ensure that they remove bacteria and viruses, rather than simply spreading them around. When you talk with a cleaning company, ask whether they follow guidelines set forth by the CDC and AORN.

Understand the Types of Commercial Cleaning Services Available to Medical Facilities

A commercial cleaning service can provide your medical office with regular, recurring cleaning tasks, like mopping, trash removal, dusting, and bathroom cleaning. However, you may also require services like added attention to high-touch surfaces, deep cleaning, upholstery and floor cleaning, or window cleaning. A preventative maintenance plan can keep your furniture, floors and other assets looking newer, longer.

Pricing for Commercial Medical Facility Cleaning and Disinfecting

A commercial cleaning contract should not be one-size-fits-all, especially for a medical facility. Ensure that you can get the needs of your unique workplace met. With that in mind, don’t make assumptions based on what you’ve heard some other healthcare business spends on cleaning. A personalized quote for your medical office will take into consideration:

  • Size of your facility

  • Frequency of cleaning

  • Number of cleaning tasks

  • Number of bathrooms

  • Number of windows

  • Additional high-touch spaces like kitchens and breakrooms

You have nothing to lose with a free quote.

Coverall franchisees have set the gold standard for professional, hospital-grade commercial cleaning, using our proprietary Core 4® Process. Our independent franchise owners receive training on how to help you create a healthier environment in keeping with AORN and CDC guidelines.

More than 14,000 outpatient clinics, medical offices, surgical centers and dialysis centers rely on Coverall’s independent franchised business owners for a customized cleaning plan that helps keep employees, patients and visitors safe and healthy.

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