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10 Places Germs are Hiding in Your Workplace

The flu is notorious for being highly contagious. Did you know that one out of three employees admits they’ve gone to work sick? Employees pass workplace germs readily due to the nature of common areas where employees gather. In fact, according to an article combining data points, the Philadelphia Inquirer states that the typical office worker's hands come in contact with 10 million bacteria a day. Yikes!

On your own, it’s easy to miss cleaning all the surfaces in your workplace that hide cold and flu viruses, which can derail productivity and make everyone miserable. Other contagious threats include MRSA and streptococcus. You might think you’re keeping the office clean enough, but most of the time you’re not. However, even with an office cleaning service, your office could harbor germs, if the cleaning company doesn’t hit all the hotspots, clean often enough or use the correct cleaning products. Here are 10 germ hotspots you need to know about.
  1. Printers and photocopiers. Many employees use and touch these throughout the day. They might even cough or sneeze on the machine it while waiting for their copies.
  2. The coffee maker. If you work in an office full of coffee-lovers, they probably handle the coffee maker throughout the day, brewing or pouring without washing their hands each time.
  3. The water cooler. Similarly, most employees stop by the water cooler at some point in their day, handling the buttons and cup dispenser.
  4. Vending machines and shared refrigerators. Anyplace people go to get food attracts a lot of hands. Handles and buttons should be cleaned regularly.
  5. Door handles and keypads. Many people think about the door handle in the bathroom, but keep in mind all door handles, including those with keypads or fingerprint scanners. Don’t forget handles to closets, storage cupboards, and conference rooms.
  6. Conference rooms. Lots of people flow in and out of these all day, including staff and visitors. Naturally, you want the windows and carpets to look their best. Remember to also consider all the surfaces, like chairs, tables, shared keyboards, and even the remote control for presentations.
  7. Windowsills and blinds. You probably trust a professional to clean your windows. Make sure they also hit the sills, blinds, and other surrounding areas. 
  8. Stairways and hallways. Many people pass through these areas, including visitors and delivery people. You can’t be sure they’re all healthy.
  9. Shared furniture. In places like break rooms or waiting areas, many people share furniture. Upholstery can harbor germs and odors, so it deserves our On-Demand cleaning services several times a year.  It needs to be vacuumed, conditioned, rinsed and dried, or possibly steam cleaned. Hard surfaces should be wiped down with disinfectant daily.  
  10. Employees’ personal areas. The typical desk has 10 million bacteria! Desks, chairs, keyboards, and computer mice are germ magnets. Include these areas in your professional commercial cleaning plan, but also encourage employees to do their part. You can help by providing anti-bacterial wipes in the office and ensuring that employees have a place to eat lunch other than their desks.

This may sound like a lot of ground to cover. That’s why you need a dependable, professional, Health-Based Cleaning® service to maintain the health of your office. Don’t be afraid to ask your commercial cleaning company about their cleaning regimen and frequency. To fight germs, request hospital-grade disinfectants. You might want to manage small touch-ups throughout your day by wiping down surfaces, but you should be able to count on your commercial cleaning company to provide office cleaning services that tackle the worst of the workplace germs, especially in those office “hotspots.”

Illness costs valuable staff time and one sick person often leads to many sick people. That is why Coverall’s franchise business owners embrace our Health-Based Cleaning® methods. They use only hospital-grade disinfectants, microfiber cloths (color-coded to avoid cross-contamination), no-dip mops, and HEPA vacuums that reduce dust and allergens. Talk to your local Coverall commercial cleaning professional about keeping your workplace clean and healthy.
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