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Why it's Important to Involve Your Family Early When Considering Franchise Ownership

You’ve decided you're ready for franchise ownership. You’re over the moon with excitement, however, your family has reservations. They want to see you happy and fulfilled, yet they worry about making a change or a new investment in an industry that’s unfamiliar to them. Gather support early in the process and help bring your family along to share your vision. Family concerns sometimes derail entrepreneurs' dreams and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Becoming a Franchise Business Owner is a Family Decision

No doubt about it, becoming a business owner is a major life decision. It’s an opportunity to achieve your dreams of business ownership, charting your own destiny, and even creating jobs in your community. The endeavor stands to benefit your whole family, too. It may offer you greater income potential, and more time together through improved work-life balance. 

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs sometimes find that their spouse or other family members show some hesitation. It’s important to keep in mind that business ownership involves everyone. It can even provide an opportunity to teach children about entrepreneurship. So, make the decision as a family, bringing everyone on board with your vision of success.

Understanding Your Family’s Concerns

It’s important to acknowledge that change can be hard. You may be asking your family to do something that’s out of their comfort zone. Listen to your spouse, children, or other family members. Enter the conversation prepared to explain why you want to start a franchise cleaning business. They might feel hurt if you leave them out or wait too long to start this conversation; that’s why we recommend starting early.

Starting your own business requires an investment—not only financial but an investment of your time and energy. However, when you start a franchised business with an established, well-known brand, you’re already several steps ahead of someone starting from scratch. You get the advantage of name recognition and the experiences of thousands of entrepreneurs before you. 

Assure your family that you’ve done your research. If you’re a little nervous yourself, that’s normal. After all, you’re making an exciting change. You can admit to your family that you feel nervous, but that you’re entering this endeavor fully prepared. Also, make sure you let them know how much their support means to you.

Coverall Makes Franchise Ownership Easy to Navigate

Coverall guides its franchise business owners through the process with high-caliber training and all the tools to run your business. We also offer Discovery Day sessions where you and your family meet your local team, learn more about the brand and the support you’ll receive, as well as meet and speak with other “soon to be” Coverall franchised business owners.

You will get a helpful franchisor information packet that you and your family can take home and review. We can also share examples of other families—just like yours—who love the flexibility that owning a franchise cleaning business can bring.

Learn More About Owning a Cleaning Franchise

Coverall understands the importance of family. We want you to succeed—together. Attending a Coverall Discovery Day session is a great way to get answer to your family’s questions and make sure everyone has enough information. Download our free guide to choosing the right franchised business or sign up for a notification about the next Discovery Day in your area.

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