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3 Surprises When Considering a Franchise Business

Starting a new business isn't easy-- about 20 percent of all new companies in the U.S. fail within the first year. However, franchise business ownership is an appealing alternative to those with an entrepreneurial mindset. It offers the independence of having your own business with the benefits of built-in brand awareness. And you might even be surprised by some of the hidden perks and added value that come with investing in a franchise business of your own.

Coverall® is one of the nation’s leading commercial cleaning franchises. Before you decide about whether you are ready to take the plunge, let us give you an inside look at just a few surprises new Franchise Business Owners can expect to encounter.

#1 There Are Ongoing Support Mechanisms in Place

Franchise Owners have the freedom to run and manage their own businesses but can also rely on the resources and guidance of an established national company. Reputable franchise brands have already done the leg work in brand identity and effective marketing strategies so that new owners have a clear roadmap to follow. Unlike starting a new business from the ground up, owners have access to a comprehensive support system.

Investing in a franchise is not a one-and-done deal. As a Coverall Franchise Business Owner, you are supported by a local support team every step of the way, with continued training and coaching. Ask for help when you need it, whether that means purchasing new equipment or receiving tips on how to promote additional services. If you're second-guessing a decision or things get rough, there is always someone you can turn to for advice.

 #2 You Don't Need Experience

A franchise depend on its owners providing a consistent product or service that supports the integrity of the brand. That’s why training is so important. Before a new franchise business can launch, the Franchise Owner must be proficient in all aspects of the brand for which the franchise is known.

As a Coverall Franchise Owner, you will undergo rigorous training in our proprietary, Core 4® Process, a 4-step cleaning protocol we built on CDC and AORN guidelines. You will learn all you need to know about Coverall’s Art & Science of a Better Clean®. We’ll teach you all about cleaning chemistry and how to avoid cross-contamination by using hospital grade-disinfectants, color-coded microfiber cloths, no-dip flat mops, and HEPA backpack vacuums. Prior experience is simply not necessary.

With the aid of the Coverall team.  headquarters, you will design a business plan, receive technical guidance, and build a workable model for daily operations. With a strong work ethic and sincere motivation to succeed, you will become the business leader you need to be.

#3 It Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

Start-up fees notwithstanding, new franchise owners are often surprised to discover the value of their enterprise. For example, traditional new businesses often incur substantial expenses in the form of rent, inventory, staff, and advertising. Just the mere cost of trial and error that occurs with the start of any new business adds up quickly.

Coverall is a great example of a franchise that has incredible value built into our business model. In the context of start-up fees, the out-of-pocket costs are surprisingly reasonable and considerably less than many other industries. Coverall Franchise Owners enjoy the savings that come without the need for a brick-and-mortar space, perishable products, outdated inventory, and a large staff. If they stick to a defined budget and purchase cleaning supplies on an as-needed basis, Franchise Owners could potentially have more capital to invest in additional labor and advertising, and even choose to scale up their businesses to take on more customers. Such incredible value is part of what makes an investment in a Coverall Franchise Business so affordable.

Your Path to Business Ownership

Coverall is the gold-standard commercial cleaning brand that businesses all over the country have trusted for over 36 years. We provide the infrastructure, ongoing support, and training for every one of our independent Franchise Owners.

Need more information to get started? Browse our franchise ownership guide and reach out with any questions.
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