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The Benefits of a Professional Gym Cleaning Service

Did you know that on average, free weights found in a gym harbor 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Treadmills and exercise bikes are even worse. Maintaining a healthier lifestyle is what draws people to gyms, and professional gym cleaning services can help you support your members holistically in that regard.

Here’s how a commercial cleaning provider like Coverall® can meet all your needs for a clean, healthy and profitable gym.

Clean Gym Equipment Keeps Members Around

The busiest time for new memberships at most gyms coincides with flu season, and more people using the equipment means even more germs. Your potential members are probably aware of how germy gym equipment can be. They may decide to exercise at home if they think the gym poses a health risk, but this limits the equipment and types of exercise they can use to hit their fitness goals.

Getting gym-goers in the door and onto a regular workout schedule is the only way to help them reach their fitness goals. Make sure your patrons feel confident and reassured that they’re working out in a clean environment. By providing clean gym equipment, as well as disinfected common areas like locker rooms and bathrooms, you’re doing your part to help keep members free of colds, the flu, COVID-19 and other illnesses so they can stick to their workout routines and continue on the path towards a healthier lifestyle.

And, in putting the effort in to help keep your members healthy with a clean environment, you’re also protecting your staff. A few staff members calling in sick at the same time can hurt your business, especially during busier periods.

LeaveCleaning Gyms To the Experts

You and your staff are committed to serving your patrons. Whether you’re enrolling new members, showing them how to use equipment safely or training them to crush their goals, you give it your all. You don’t need the distraction of cleaning.

A professional gym cleaning service knows how to properly sanitize and disinfect all the surfaces in your gym, using the right tools and cleaning protocols to kill germs and bacteria residing across every inch of your space. You should focus on your core business and trust the experts to clean your gym.

A Commercial Gym Cleaning Checklist Ensures Everything Gets Done

Let’s face it—gyms can get gross. Not only do people drip sweat onto equipment surfaces; locker rooms present their own cleaning challenges. There are odors to tackle, plus the warm, moist environment, which allows bacteria to thrive and welcomes the potential growth of mold or mildew.

Then there are the floors. Members can track in dirt, grime, rain or snow from outside, creating an unsightly surface. And if they’re sweating onto exercise equipment, you can be sure it’s coating the ground as well. Your floor needs to look great too, since it’s one of the first things people see as they walk through the door. Just like the other components of your gym, floors require professional cleaning attention at a set frequency. In addition to looking good and boosting the overall reputation of your gym, consistent hard floor care can minimize any long-term impacts from gym-goers’ wear-and-tear, extending the life of this valuable, hard-to-replace business asset.

When looking for a commercial cleaning provider to tackle your gym cleaning checklist, be sure to look for one that is familiar with the specific needs of gyms. Confirm that they will use hospital-grade disinfectants, HEPA vacuums and other state-of-the-art tools to clean and disinfect all workout equipment, exercise machines, door handles, counter tops, sign-in stations, water fountains, bathrooms and sales desks. And, make sure they can clean at a frequency that keeps up with your gym’s volume of business.

With Coverall as your gym cleaning partner, our Franchise Business Owners can help prevent the spread of germs and illness with the latest health-based cleaning methods and protocols, giving ample attention to germ hotspots in your gym or workout facility. Your gym succeeds when your members do, and a clean, healthy environment enables that.

Get Commercial Gym Cleaning With Coverall

At Coverall, we train our independent Franchise Business Owners in our proprietary Core 4® Cleaning Process, built on CDC and AORN guidelines for a hospital-grade clean. Featuring tools like HEPA vacuums and no-dip flat mops that prevent cross-contamination, and following proper techniques for using EPA-registered disinfectants, your gym is getting the gold standard of commercial cleaning.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our professional gym cleaning services. Our Franchise Business Owners will work with you to prepare a free, custom quote that factors in your facility’s unique cleaning considerations as well as your budget, so your clients can workout in a healthier, safer space.

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