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An Army of Commercial Cleaning Power

Dedication. Ambition. Commitment. Those are some of the top qualities defining the brave men and women of the U.S. Military. They’re also the qualities of some of Coverall’s top franchised business owners. Coverall is proud to have the men and women of the armed services as part of its growing network of independent veteran franchised business owners. 

Veterans have the backing of their fellow service members to succeed on the battlefield. Many have told us they feel a similar support with Coverall as they look to jumpstart their careers after the military. 

In fact, Coverall is recognized as a Military-Friendly Franchise, even offering discounts to veterans. The Military Times, GI Jobs Magazine, World Franchising Network and U.S. Veterans Magazine have recognized Coverall multiple times for its efforts to provide franchise opportunities for military veterans.

Ronnie Huley, Owner of Teluh Core, LLC,  is one such veteran who quickly realized the potential a military-friendly franchise opportunity like Coverall offers veterans. He spent seven years serving our country as a sergeant in the Army. He then spent 17 years serving patients as an x-ray technician at Las Vegas-area hospitals. As much as Huley loved helping people, he was looking for a military franchise opportunity that would allow him to take charge of his own time. In 2017, Huley decided it was time to pursue a new path and chose Coverall to be a part of that journey. 

“I have the mindset of a soldier, I can get in there and get the job done,” says Huley. “But operating a business is more than that. Coverall provides guidance and support.” 

He’s considering hiring vets as his business grows and is continuing to share his positive experience with Coverall to hopefully help other veterans as they transition back into civilian life. 

“Integrity is in our creed and customers appreciate that,” says Huley. “They feel secure that they have a veteran working at their business.” 

Albert Fanous, Owner of Ghost Dusters Cleaning, LLC, has a similar story. He served in the Army as an infantryman for eight years. The Cleveland, OH veteran-turned-businessman was determined to succeed and operate his own business after leaving the military. He had to overcome several hurdles and struggles before realizing he needed the support that comes along with owning a Coverall commercial cleaning franchise.

“The Coverall support team guides me to solve problems and helps in the search for new and better products,” says Fanous. From the very beginning, Fanous has appreciated the personal relationships he has developed with the local Coverall support center and works hard every day to build stronger partnerships with his customers. 

Huley and Fanous are proud of the time they each served in the Army and now share another common bond – franchised business ownership. The dedication and level of excellence they learned in the military carries over into the quality services they offer customers.

Are You Ready to Own a Veteran-Friendly Franchise?

Get the same support these veterans receive from Coverall. You can also own a commercial cleaning franchise and enjoy the benefits of flexibility and freedom. Get started here and discover how to own a veteran-friendly franchise today.
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