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Commercial Cleaning: Coming to a Theater Near You

Movie lovers are flocking back to cinemas, and while box office numbers aren’t quite at pre-pandemic levels, it’s clear that the global film industry has reached a critical turning point. Imax Corp just reported its highest gross earnings since 2019, and the momentum continues to build as audiences return to their favorite multiplexes and movie houses for the big-screen experience.

Help Keep Returning Moviegoers Safe and Healthy

Though many theater chains and independent movie houses have implemented mask requirements and social distancing measures, the real challenge is maintaining the disinfection and sanitization standards that will help keep patrons and staff safe and healthy. With the Omicron variant circulating across the country, sweeping up popcorn and spot-cleaning after shows is no longer enough. Today’s more savvy theater owners are outsourcing the heavy lifting to commercial cleaning professionals.

The volume of foot traffic, paired with food and drink in dark settings, make movie theaters a haven for dirt, germs, and illness-causing bacteria -- never mind the novel coronavirus and its various mutations. Does your in-house team have the time, training, and hospital-grade chemicals to disinfect common spaces, bathroom and high-touch point areas? Have they been trained in the CDC recommended guidelines for cleaning protocols that are effective against SARS-CoV-2?

It is simply unwise to entrust the thorough cleaning of notoriously filthy theater chairs, floors, cup holders, armrests, and door handles to the average janitorial staff. The most cost-effective approach to keeping your movie house or stadium theater clean and safe is with daily professional commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Movie Theaters in 2022

Coverall® is one of the nation’s largest commercial cleaning business franchisors, in business for over 36 years. Each of our 8,000 + Franchise Business Owners and their cleaning teams receive comprehensive training in our proprietary Core 4® Process, a system we created and based on CDC and AORN standards for disinfection.

Eliminate the maximum amount of dirt and pathogens in concession areas, restrooms, and lobbies and give floors and aisles a healthier clean, not just a superficial wipe down. From stadium seating to indie arthouses, movie theaters of all sizes can benefit from a Coverall® clean.

What’s Special About the Core 4® Process?

The Coverall Core 4® Process is designed to produce a healthier clean, utilizing the latest disinfecting chemistry, equipment, and cleaning protocols. Our method utilizes the most advanced tools and products including EPA-registered disinfectants, color-coded microfiber cloths to help avoid cross-contamination, no-dip flat mops, and HEPA backpack vacuum cleaners to reduce airborne pathogens.

We recognize the challenges of keeping movie theaters profitable and running. A Coverall Health-Based Clean® addresses much more than sticky-spilled drinks and left-behind snacks. Our general cleaning services deliver a thorough clean with consistent attention to detail. This includes dusting, mopping, vacuuming, trash removal, and the disinfection of high-touch point areas.

Give Your Theater a Custom Health-Based Clean

Coverall Franchise Owners are happy to customize a professional cleaning plan to fulfill your needs and budget. Ask us about out our On-Demand Services to help your theater maintain the highest level of cleanliness. Many local Coverall Business Owners offer electrostatic disinfection spray and deep cleaning in the event of a known contamination. Day porter services may also be arranged to help maintain high cleanliness standards in between shows.

For movie houses that are just reopening after a long pandemic, Coverall’s Preventative Maintenance Services may be in order. Refresh and extend the life of auditorium seats, hard floors, grout, upholstery and first floor windows. Welcome movie-goers back to revitalized theater.

Coverall is proud to help keep movie theaters a safer and more inviting space for everyone. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle commercial cleaning quote.

Posted: 2/1/2022 12:25:36 PM by Geneva McNamara | with 0 comments