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Women Franchise Business Owners

The past decade has seen a substantial increase in the number of female Franchise Owners. As of December 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported that some 35 percent of all franchised businesses in the U.S. are currently owned by women.

Besides the scheduling flexibility, a franchise offers ambitious entrepreneurs the chance to hit the ground running with ample training and support, rather than building a brand from the ground up. In a 2021 Franchise Business Review survey of over 8,000 women-owned franchises, 88 percent said they enjoy running their business. This satisfaction is fueled not only by financial earnings, but the ability to achieve their ideal lifestyle.

In their own words, successful female Franchise Business Owners say they bring a different skillset and experiences to the franchising industry, which helps them exceed in a historically male-dominated landscape.

Hear from one of our fantastic Coverall franchise business owners, Mayra Ramirez:

Women Find a Better Work-Life Balance as Franchise Business Owners

For all the women who feel their “work is never done,” a healthy work-life balance is the ultimate dream. With franchise ownership, women have the freedom to run their company as they see fit, while benefitting from the resources and support of an established brand. Since franchises are based on proven business models, new owners are relieved of much of the stress and guesswork that comes with building a start-up company from scratch. When you invest in a business that is already trusted and respected by consumers, you get to reclaim the time you might have lost to advertising, marketing, and other tedious tasks.

Owing your own business puts you in the position to set healthy work-life boundaries, but it’s still important that you choose your business carefully. Consider franchisors that will provide extensive training, stability, and ongoing support: a framework that gives entrepreneurs an advantage over trying to start a business from scratch. Coverall® -- a leading franchisor in the commercial cleaning industry – offers a dependable roadmap and support system for thousands of franchisees throughout the country.

Take Advantage of Brand Awareness & Ongoing Support

There’s no doubt that being a Coverall Franchise Business Owner requires plenty of hard work, dedication, and commitment. But it’s never a one-woman show. Instead, the road to a flourishing business is already designed, allowing you to save time and money figuring out what works. With Coverall, your franchise fee covers comprehensive mentorship and administrative support on all facets of running a commercial cleaning franchise. And you can get started with less upfront capital.

Brand awareness is built-in when you align yourself with Coverall. This means that franchisees save money by partnering with an established brand in their category.  

Discover the Freedom of Coverall Franchise Ownership

For over 36 years, Coverall has given so many women the opportunity to realize their dreams of business ownership. It’s a career path than can be exceptionally rewarding, facilitating growth on a personal as well as a professional level.

Would you like to learn more? Read our franchise ownership guide for more details, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey.
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