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From RN to Coverall® Franchise Business Owner: The Inspiring Story of Carol Gagat

At the heart of every entrepreneur’s story lies dedication, perseverance, and the willingness to take a leap of faith. Carol Gagat, the Owner of Best Cleaning Services, LLC (d.b.a. Coverall) in Hawaii, epitomizes these qualities in her remarkable journey from a devoted Registered Nurse to a thriving entrepreneur.

Getting Started
In 2013, Carol embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from her role as a Registered Nurse to become a Coverall® Franchise Business Owner. Her decision to venture into business ownership was fueled by a desire for autonomy and passion for building something of her own. Recognizing the potential in Coverall, Carol embarked on her entrepreneurial journey armed with determination and a mission to build a business.

From the outset, Carol's dedication and hard work began to yield tangible results. She meticulously researched business opportunities and identified Coverall as the perfect fit for her aspirations. With unwavering commitment, she transformed her commercial cleaning franchise into a flourishing enterprise, securing customers and earning accolades within the Coverall Community in Hawaii.

Making a Difference
Carol's impact transcends the boundaries of her own business. Recognizing the importance of collaboration and mentorship, she generously shares her knowledge and expertise with other local Franchise Business Owners, fostering a culture of support and empowerment within the community.

Today, Carol's business stands as a testament to her business acumen and unwavering dedication. With a workforce of over 50 employees serving diverse sectors including medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, and more, Carol's business continues to thrive and expand its footprint in the market.

Yet, Carol's success is not solely measured in financial terms. Central to her work ethic is the creation of a nurturing work environment that empowers her team to excel. Her commitment to employee welfare has both fostered loyalty and has also paved the way for individuals to overcome financial barriers and realize their entrepreneurial dreams as Franchise Business Owners.

Reflecting on her journey, Carol emphasizes the importance of taking charge of one's own destiny. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating the limitless possibilities that await those willing to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions with determination and resilience.

Carol's accomplishments have garnered widespread recognition, earning her a Coverall Franchise Business Owner of the Year title. Carol stands as a shining example of the potential inherent in a Coverall franchise.

Carol’s story serves as a powerful reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a willingness to embrace challenges, anything is possible in the world of franchise business ownership.

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