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How to Combat the Spread of Germs in Offices

Most people spend about a third of their time at work. That means, when the flu and colds make the rounds, the office is a likely spot for people to contract those viruses. The CDC recommends a list of actions to avoid getting sick personally. But when it comes to the workplace, professional office cleaning services are your best defense against office germs that can cause illness. Here’s everything you need to know about combatting the spread of germs to maintain a healthy office.

When and where office germs tend to spread

Naturally, flu season is prime time for concern about viruses. However, the flu can surface any time, as can colds and other highly infectious “bugs.” If employees neglect to keep their workspace clean, or if shared spaces don’t get the attention they need from their current office cleaning service, viruses can linger. If a flu outbreak occurs in the office, it can severely hamper productivity and morale.

Some trends in office configuration, such as open workspaces, desk-sharing, and flexible seating, further increase the chances of sharing germs. Many companies find that these types of offices encourage collaboration and communication. Unfortunately, as your employees share their great ideas, they also share germs. A study published in the science journal Nature showed that droplets from a sneeze can travel 26 feet! If your office lacks walls, that can mean a whole lot of contaminated surfaces. Fortunately, when you hire a professional office cleaning service or commercial cleaning service, they not only tidy up the areas you can see with the naked eye, but also clean away the germs you can’t. Learn more by receiving a customized commercial cleaning quote.

How to cultivate a healthy office

You can take significant steps to keep office germs to a minimum and help your employees stay healthy and productive, all without sacrificing your collaborative workplace culture.

1. Hire a professional office cleaning service

The first and most crucial move is to hire a commercial cleaning service with expertise in creating healthier environments. Check that they use hospital-grade disinfectants, along with other tools and protocols that minimize the spread of germs. 

Keep your cleaning company on a regular schedule and consider increasing the frequency during flu season. It’s also a good idea to invest in more thorough, deep cleaning services every so often.

2. Get employees involved with office cleaning

There are plenty of steps you can take with your employees to work together toward a healthier workplace. Make sure your office kitchen and bathrooms are always stocked with anti-bacterial hand soap. In the rest of the office, supply hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial wipes. Provide ample trash and recycling bins. Encourage employees to keep their areas clean. It may help to create a checklist and perhaps even make a game out of it to get employees engaged. 

3. Let people stay home when they are sick

The CDC recommends employees stay home when they are sick. As an employer, make sure you offer a reasonable policy for sick days and reassure your employees that they can feel comfortable calling in sick or working from home when they need to. Pressuring someone to come in when they’re under the weather can backfire, leading to more sick employees, less work getting accomplished, and employee turn-over.

Choosing office cleaning services you can trust

Office cleaning is as much about making the workplace presentable to clients as it is keeping it healthy for employees. That’s why it’s essential to use commercial cleaners you can trust. Coverall’s franchise business owners have been delivering a consistent, reliable and professional clean for more than 35 years. They receive continuous and extensive training on cleaning techniques and protocols that deliver the best clean for your workplace, using specific tools and protocols designed to minimize bacteria and viruses. To kill as many germs as possible and help combat the spread of the flu, consider a commercial cleaning service from Coverall, a trusted professional brand.
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