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How a Clean Patient Waiting Room Impacts Your Practice

With a high volume of foot traffic that includes sick patients, cleaning patient waiting areas is critical to the health and safety of your medical office. Medical office cleaning isn’t just necessary for health reasons. Patient waiting rooms also create the first impression when someone walks into your medical office. A welcoming, clean waiting room makes visitors feel comfortable and calm, and provides a sense of trust in the facility and doctors. Without proper attention, however, your waiting room can leave a lasting negative impression of your practice. Professional healthcare facility cleaning, therefore, can mean the difference between a positive and a negative experience for a visitor. 

Maintaining your healthcare facility’s reputation

Untidy rooms, dirty floors, or stained carpet and upholstery can make a negative impression.

Visitors might interpret this as a lack of professionalism and care, and worry that they will leave your office sicker than when they arrived. 

In 2019, the New York Post published an article titled “Hospitals and doctors’ offices are germ-filled cesspools.” Hardly the kind of message you want your patients to hear, right? Yet these messages are out there, potentially frightening your clientele. 

In some cases, patients are right to be concerned. According to WebMD, the flu virus can live on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours. Someone who touches that surface can then catch the illness if they touch their mouth, nose, or eyes. 

Germs raise even more concern if your office serves pediatric patients. A 2015 study found that children under 6 years old going to the doctor for an annual appointment had a 3.2 percent greater chance of coming down with flu-like symptoms in the next two weeks.

If you can assure your clients that you engage a professional, health-focused cleaning service like you can help ease their minds.

Healthcare cleaning tips to keep your waiting room on track

When considering a commercial cleaning service, understand exactly what and how they will clean your facility. It’s helpful to review a medical office cleaning checklist beforehand to familiarize yourself with what needs to be done. By tending to the smaller tasks throughout the day yourself, then trusting a professional commercial cleaning provider to handle your healthcare facility cleaning, you will create the best waiting room experience possible. Remember to include the following:
  1. Clean and sanitize door handles, including doors to restrooms, hallways, and examination rooms.
  2. Sweep and mop hard flooring using healthy methods and tools.
  3. Strip and wax floors at least once per year.
  4. Clean and disinfect tables and chairs, which should include getting the upholstery cleaned regularly.
  5. Clean the counter, check-in area, pens, and tablets with a disinfecting cleaning product.
  6. Sanitize children's toys and books.
  7. Switch out newspapers and magazines frequently.
  8. Wipe down dusty surfaces using protocols that reduce allergens. 

By covering everything on this list, you will help to keep your patients healthier and safer. After all, they trust a medical practice to take good care of them. 

How to schedule hospital-grade healthcare facility cleaning

Coverall has set the gold standard for professional health-based cleaning, using hospital-grade disinfectants. Our independent franchised owners can deliver a germ-free, healthy environment. More than 14,000 outpatient clinics, medical offices, surgical centers and dialysis centers rely on us for a customized cleaning plan to help protect employees, patients and visitors. 

For more helpful cleaning advice, contact us to schedule healthcare cleaning services today.

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