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Commercial Cleaning for 2022

With the rise of the latest COVID Omicron variant, maintaining a clean work environment continues to be of paramount concern. As the holiday season wraps and people trickle back into the office, the new year presents an excellent opportunity to take stock of your commercial cleaning strategies. Is your business doing everything it can to help keep employees and customers safe—especially after holiday travels and large gatherings with family and loved ones?

Are you confident that your medical office, retail store, or gym is properly cleaned and able to more safely welcome visitors? One of the best ways to build trust with patrons and workers this coming year is through prioritizing cleanliness and infection mitigation. And, this starts with high quality commercial cleaning services offered by Coverall®.

Raising the Bar for Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection

Our Health-Based Cleaning System® protocols have raised the bar for commercial cleaning. Based on CDC and AORN cleaning and disinfecting guidelines, Coveralls’ Core 4® Process helps businesses of all sizes welcome everyone back to the workplace for a more healthy start to 2022.

Coverall’s Franchise Owners are trained extensively in our method and come equipped with all the tools they need to deliver a gold-standard clean. A Coverall clean uses hospital-grade cleaning solvents, color-coded microfiber cloths, no-dip flat mops, and HEPA backpack vacuums to help reduce cross-contamination and help keep employees and visitors to your workplaces safe and healthy.

It’s no secret that a clean workspace improves productivity, efficiency, and motivation. In this new normal however, commercial cleaning services offer much more. It’s about reassuring employees and visitors that you’re doing everything possible to keep your spaces clean.

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning for a New Year

Coverall’s Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Services help preserve your most valuable assets. What better time to shine up your hard floors, scrub your tile and grout, deep clean your carpets, and renew your upholstered furniture than the new year?

We provide preventative maintenance and general commercial cleaning services to an extensive range of industries throughout the country. Find a local Coverall Franchise Owner in your area who can give your place of business the deep clean it deserves.

Professional, On-Demand Cleaning Services

Workplace absenteeism is a common concern for any business owner, especially after the holidays. Coverall’s On-Demand cleaning services can help reduce sick days and help keep employees and guests healthy.

Franchise Business Owners use electrostatic sprayers to eliminate 99.9 percent of pathogens in the hardest-to-reach places, and Day Porter Services can also be arranged on-demand. Other on-demand cleaning services include deep cleans with special focus on high touch point surfaces and common areas, and contamination cleans for eliminating COVID-19 and other dangerous pathogens after a suspected exposure.

Get a Clean Start in 2022

This year, work with a commercial cleaning company that inspires confidence. Now is the time to reevaluate your strategies and hire a trusted commercial cleaning service provider that leverages close to 40 years of industry experience. From retail cleaning to medical cleaning services, and so many places in between, Coverall gets the job done right. Call today and get a free, no-hassle commercial cleaning quote.
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