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The 5 Benefits of a Military-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Veterans make up about 7% of the population, but they account for about 14% of all franchise owners in America. Since initiatives like VetFran launched in 1991, more military men and women have become franchised business owners. 

If you’re a veteran or active service member, you may wonder why owning a franchised business is a good fit for you or what benefits can come with buying a veteran-friendly franchise business model. Learn more about skills, incentives, support and freedom you get from becoming a franchise owner below.

1. The skills you learned in the Military carry over

Excelling in a military environment requires discipline, hard work, leadership, organization, and the ability to get things done. These traits are also needed for running and growing a franchise business. Transferring these valuable skills learned during service into operating a business make military men and women uniquely qualified to own a franchise. Learn more about success stories involving veteran friendly franchises.

2. The right franchise offers training and support

If you’ve dedicated most of your life to public service, you may have little experience in a civilian sector or running a franchised business. And, that’s OK. The right franchise brand will provide comprehensive training, a proven roadmap to follow and the support you need to get started. A military-friendly franchise like Coverall already has an established reputation, so you won’t have to worry about starting your business from scratch.

3. Military-friendly franchises offer great incentives

Franchises across the United States offer discounts or incentives for veterans, active-duty service members, or their families. Those incentives vary, but the most common incentive is a discount off the initial franchise fee. Other veteran friendly franchise incentives include a discount on royalty fees for a certain span of time. In a 2016 survey, more than 91% of franchise brands offered this kind of discount, with the average discount at about 17% off.

4. You get to hire other veterans

When you own a franchised business you get to make the hiring decisions. You can hire other veterans or family members to work for you, bringing more job opportunities to your area. When you hire in your community, you create a new family that is there to support you and the growth of your franchised business.

5. You have more freedom and flexibility

Owning a franchised business takes hard work, but you get to enjoy a unique kind of freedom that only comes with running your own business. You’ll get to take charge of your time and grow the business at your own pace. If you’re a veteran with a spouse or family at home, not going into an office each day may sound appealing. With a franchised business, you can work from home and create your own schedule.

Whether your goal is to have a rewarding future, gain flexibility, or lead the type of life you’ve been dreaming about, a military friendly franchise opportunity like Coverall can help. Using your own skills and passion to find success through your franchise business is a very rewarding feeling. Contact us to see how a Coverall commercial cleaning franchise business can put you in charge.

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