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5 Ways to Grow Your Cleaning Franchise Business

One of the most satisfying aspects of owning a business is growing it from a mere idea to the company of your dreams. Some business owners prefer to keep their companies relatively small, while others want to grow and grow. A commercial cleaning franchise business offers potential for growth, if you take the right steps. The results can be emotionally and financially rewarding.


The first step to grow your cleaning franchise business is determining what you want to achieve. What goals do you want to accomplish in the first six months of your business? The first year? The next five years? Write down all your goals, big and small, general and specific. If you want to reach a sales benchmark, gain a certain number of repeat clients, or increase your brand awareness among your community, write it all down. Then, prioritize your goals. Which ones are you most passionate about? Which goals will bring you the highest return on investment? Once you develop your goals, you’ll be ready to create an action plan to meet them.


To keep business and earn referrals, you’ll need to show your commercial cleaning customers that your commercial cleaning franchise business is dedicated to providing the best service. Check on your customers periodically to gauge their satisfaction and encourage them to advocate for you in your community. Focus on what you do well and deliver consistent quality. It’s always a good idea to send a thank you note now and then to tell customers you appreciate your business. 


Many franchises offer resources you can use to spread the word in your area. These may include business cards, sales tools, or flyers. The company may also have a blog or active social media pages. Keep an eye on these for useful information you can share with your own network. Look for local community boards to post flyers or online communities where you can share your information. 




As you get used to interviewing and hiring employees for your commercial cleaning franchise business, you will learn how to find the most reliable, qualified individuals. When you receive training from your franchisor in proper cleaning techniques, pass along your knowledge to your employees. Help them to become the best they can be. As they work for you, listen to their input and show them your appreciation. Satisfied employees are more likely to do good work and stay with the company, reducing your costs associated with turnover and hiring.



Community involvement lets you spread the word about your franchise business and also experience a sense of meaningful connection with others. You might join business organizations, like the local chamber of commerce, or go a step further; think about how your commercial cleaning business can give back to the community. These activities facilitate networking and raise the profile of your business, possibly leading to new customers.



Opening your own business and growing it is hard work, but it’s also very exciting. To create a plan for growth, set clear goals and stay honest and consistent with your work.

As a Coverall franchise business owner, you can grow your business at the pace and schedule you set. Coverall supports its franchise business owners in a number of ways that can help lead to growth. 

  • As a Coverall franchise business owner, you will receive extensive up-front and ongoing training on the best cleaning and sanitizing methods. You will learn the Coverall Core 4® Process, which enables you to provide excellent service to your customers.
  • Coverall’s cleaning and sanitizing protocols follow CDC and AORN recommendations, important selling points for businesses who are seeking a commercial cleaning service.
  • The brand recognition of a nationally established franchise like Coverall is one of the great benefits of owning a franchise. The Coverall® name can help you build credibility with potential customers.
  • Coverall makes available to its franchise owners business cards, sales tools, flyers and more.
  • Coverall makes available to its franchise owners blank, branded thank you cards and envelopes, that you can mail to customers or leave behind to show your appreciation.

If you’re curious about owning a franchised commercial cleaning business, contact Coverall today. You’ll get a proven roadmap to follow, plus the support of a trusted brand.

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