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Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Office

Do you see any flowers blooming yet? Is the snow melting? Chances are by now, or soon, depending on where you live, you are seeing first signs of spring. We couldn’t be happier that spring – and spring cleaning – are here. But spring cleaning isn’t only for your home or apartment, so here’s a complete spring cleaning checklist for your office.

Check out the areas below. They’re in all workplaces: offices, medical clinics, daycares, retail stores and others.

When you go through the checklist, ask yourself – when was the last time you or your cleaning service took care of these things? 


Your lobby or reception area makes a first impression on everyone. But parts of it may get ignored.

  • Do you have a walk-off mat near the door? It can help reduce dragged-in debris and also help prevent wet, slippery floors on rainy days.
  • Does your carpet or flooring look old or dirty? So much traffic and soil can quickly wear down fibers or damage tiles, especially if floors are not treated regularly. (Learn the 3 signs that it’s time to deep clean your carpets.)
  • Check the corners where overlooked areas may have dust or dirty baseboards that are unwelcome distractions from an attractive lobby.
Hallways, Stairs or Elevators

These areas get lots of action. Whether carpet or hard floors, scuffs, spills, and wear and tear can be detrimental to your facility.
  • Besides looking down at the floor, look at surfaces many people touch each day. For example, elevator buttons, handrails and doorknobs may need extra cleaning.
  • Many people forget about stairwells . Make sure there are no hazards, such as damaged risers or piles of junk,that may contribute to slip and falls. Read more on indoor floor surfaces here.
Large Conference Rooms

Important decisions and pivotal meetings take place in conference rooms. Also, this is where you may meet with potential clients and outside companies. First impressions also happen in these rooms, where people may sit hours at a time.
  • The conference room table gets touched by a lot of people, eaten on, and spilled on in these large rooms. Is it cleaned properly and regularly?
  • Is there an awards cabinet/shelf, an area for refreshments and other areas that get dirty? Ensure those are maintained and cleaned.
  • Is the trash container large enough to accommodate napkins, coffee cups and plates during lunch meetings ? Food, liquid and debris can fall on the carpet or between chairs and splash on walls behind the trash can. Clean inside and outside trash bins, as well as surfaces where people eat.

Cubicles or Small Offices

The place employees spend most of their week. It has personal momentos, snacks close by, and many objects pertaining to work.

  • Are your desks clutter-free? A cluttered desk can cause your cleaning service to avoid wiping down the surface (many are not allowed to move personal objects or paperwork). Keep it organized to maximize cleanliness. Unclutter your office space to keep things simple. See why.
  • Do you keep your electronics clean? You touch your mouse, telephone, keyboard and other objects a lot during the day. Use a dry microfiber towel to clean high-touch items.
  • Is it dusty? Overlooked places in your cubicle or desk include the area behind your computer monitor, shelves, and around filing cabinets.

Whether large or small, restrooms suffer from similar issues, regardless of the type of workplace. 94% of adults will avoid a business after experiencing a less than pleasant restroom.
  • Is there enough toilet paper in your stalls?
  • Is there a -ree soap dispenser by sinks?
  • Do your bathrooms suffer from “stinky drain” syndrome?
  • Take a look at the floor, baseboards and areas around toilets and urinals.Do you see splashes, stains and neglected soil (you know what we mean)? Gross, but important: Urine is the main source of odors in a bathroom.)
  • Is overflowing trash is a problem? Trash bins are the second most popular source of odor.
  • Do you have hand washing reminders near your sinks or on the door? We suggest you post one right away to spread the word about good hand hygiene which greatly affects office cleanliness. Download a free hand washing poster here.

You catch up with your coworkers, eat your leftovers and chat around the coffee machines. It’s usually the busiest place in your office. Have you heard of “germ hot spots”? This phrase is used by Coverall to indicate frequently touched surfaces, objects and places where germs hang out.
  • How often are appliances disinfected? Many people touch refrigerator handles, microwave buttons and practically every surface in kitchen areas.
  • How dirty is your sink (if you have one)? Be careful placing food containers or snacks near or around sinks. This is one of many things you can do to avoid germ spread.
  • Are there soap dispensers near sinks in the breakroom?
Janitor/Maintenance Closet

These compartments may be home to lots of junk, unfortunately. They can serve as a storage closet for marketing projects, boxes, random objects, as well as the place where your janitor keeps cleaning supplies.
  • Have you checked what’s in your janitors’ closet? If not, take a look. Is there a string mop or pile of dirty cleaning rag? If so, watch out. Read about things you should see in your janitor’s closet and how they can impact your office cleaning.
  • Take note of mold, leaks or junk that can contribute to unwanted smells. Maintenance closets may have drains, sinks and other fixtures that can lead to pesky odors.
An in-depth list like this isn’t intended to over-complicate cleaning, but to provide information that stresses:
  • Evaluating your facility – every facility is different, with different needs
  • Understanding why high touch points or germ hot spots can cause trouble
  • Why cleaning is a science and not an afterthought

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