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How Preventative Special Cleaning Services Can Make Your Assets Last Longer

You probably appreciate that everyday commercial cleaning services are essential to the look and feel of your business. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day when you’re busy managing an office, store, school, or other type of business. You may not think as much about the long-term results of keeping your company assets clean and well maintained. 

A preventative maintenance plan for specialty cleaning services can protect your assets, save you money, and keep old carpet and furniture out of landfills longer. Your professional cleaning service can work with you to incorporate a preventative maintenance plan into your cleaning agreement. So, what exactly is a preventative maintenance plan and how will it pay off for your company?

What is a Preventative Maintenance Plan? 

Each business has unique needs based on its industry. That’s why Coverall tailors our cleaning services. Your nearest independent cleaning franchise business can work with you to find a cleaning plan that works for you. They will consider everyday cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, and trash removal, as well as longer term, less frequent needs for preventative maintenance.

For example, you might decide to have your carpet or hard flooring professionally cleaned each quarter, and your upholstery twice a year. You might base your choices around your busy times of year, any special events you host, or when it’s most convenient. Below are some of the features you might incorporate into your tailored plan.

4 Areas of Emphasis for Special Cleaning Services

1. Hard Flooring- Over time, tiny particles of dirt or dust get ground into your floors. Each employee or customer who walks through the space grinds these particles into the flooring, leaving miniscule scratches. Hard floors also take abuse from any equipment you roll across them, anything someone might spill, and rain or snow that gets tracked inside. Regular deep cleaning along with waxing and polishing can keep them looking newer longer.

2. Carpet- Just like hard flooring, carpet can take a lot of traffic. It tends to fray, fade, and show stains that aren’t cleaned properly. In addition, carpet can trap odors, making your workplace smell less than its best. Getting your carpet deep cleaned regularly can help combat these issues. 

3. Grout- Grout is porous to allow for natural expansion and contraction with changing temperatures and humidity. This porousness allows it to attract dirt and absorb liquids. The longer you let it go without a cleaning the harder it is to get it back to its original color and condition. Whether you have grout between the tiles of your floor, counter tops, walls, or other surfaces, it inevitably gets dirty over time. You will notice it more in higher traffic areas. 

4. Upholstery - Upholstered furniture can wear out quickly if it’s not well-maintained. Different types of fabric require different cleaning products and techniques. Natural fabrics like linen or canvas tend to attract dirt and hold stains more readily than some synthetics. Coverall’s independent franchise business owners are trained in the right cleaning methods and protocols for all your needs.

Here’s a bonus tip you can use between upholstery cleanings: If you notice that customers in your waiting room tend to always sit in the same few chairs—in view of the television, for example—rearrange the chairs weekly to even out the wear and tear.

How to Customize Your Special Cleaning Services Plan

Get the most out of your investment in furniture, flooring, and more for your business. Coverall's special services and preventative maintenance plans can increase the lifespan of your floors, fabrics and more. To customize your special cleaning services plan and help your assets last longer, request a free cleaning quote today.


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