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Starting a Franchise with Your 2021 Tax Refund

Tax season has arrived. This year the deadline for filing your 2021 taxes is April 18, 2022. Some 75 percent of Americans get annual tax refunds, and the majority receive their payments within 21 days of filing. According to the IRS, taxpayers can expect a short refund window for 2022 as long as they file electronically and opt for a direct deposit. The sooner you file your return, the sooner you should receive those funds.

No matter the refund amount, this extra influx of cash can provide invaluable opportunities to seed your financial future. We’re not talking about investing in stocks or mutual funds, but starting your own independent franchised business.

The last two years have been about staying home, staying healthy, and taking care of others. Perhaps 2022 can offer a new opportunity to step out and invest in yourself. What if you took the money from that tax return and invested in a franchise with brand awareness and consumer trust built into the business model? You scale at your own pace, set your own hours, and enjoy all the benefits of business ownership without the hassle and pitfalls of learning the ropes on your own.

Coverall® is among the nation’s leading commercial cleaning services. Our franchise opportunities give ambitious entrepreneurs a platform where success is possible  – and this could be a smart way to spend your 2021 tax refund.

Starting a Coverall Franchise is a Wise Tax Refund Investment

Low Startup Costs
There are many franchise businesses on the market, but depending on the industry, startup costs can be extremely prohibitive. Not so with commercial and janitorial cleaning franchises. Startup fees are relatively low and may be partially covered by even a modest tax refund. The initial franchise costs go a long way and include extensive training in our proprietary Core 4® Process.

Rapidly Growing Industry with High Demand
Since the outset of the pandemic, businesses across all sectors have placed greater attention on cleaning and disinfecting protocols. The commercial cleaning industry was growing before COVID hit, but the demand for professional cleaning services keeps rising, making this a potentially lucrative field.

Reap the Rewards You Work For
With a Coverall commercial cleaning franchise, you are in control. Grow your business to your ideal size on your own timeline. With a proactive approach, hard work, and good customer relations, our Franchise Owners can have a satisfying career, create a legacy for their family, provide jobs for people in their community, and work toward whatever goals they set.
No Brick and Mortar Location
Turn your tax refund into a money-making enterprise with a franchise that doesn’t require a brick and mortar location. Though rented workspace is certainly an option, why spend the money when you can run your commercial cleaning franchise from your own home?

Create The Future You Want with a Coverall Franchise

There are many ways to spend your tax refund this Spring, but why not leverage this windfall to pave a road that leads to the future. Coverall offers custom financing options that can help cover the costs of franchise licensing, cleaning equipment, and other expenses.
As one of the largest commercial cleaning franchisors with over 8,000 Franchised Businesses worldwide, Coverall provides the resources, training, and support services you will need. Learn more about this exciting opportunity by reading our commercial cleaning franchise guide.
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