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Proper Floor Care for Your Workplace During Peak Season

Peak season means holidays, socializing and, we hope, plenty of traffic through your doors! The only downside—traffic brings elements that wreak havoc on your workplace floors. Neglect them and the results will show up in your bottom line, sooner or later. However, if you protect and care for the floors in your business, they should last a long time. This guide can help save your floors from long-term damage and expense by showing you the right products and cleaning methods for each floor material type, as well as how to hire the best commercial cleaning company with top floor cleaning services to meet your needs.

The effects of neglected floors

If your busiest time of the year is during the winter, you should be aware of weather conditions that can introduce a range of hazards to your floors, including extreme temperatures, rain, ice, snow, slush, and salt. Here are some of the effects these elements will have on your floors if left neglected:
  • Water from rain, ice and melted snow can damage a floor’s finish
  • Road salt can leave white streaks of residue behind
  • Abrasive salt particles or “ice melt” can leave scratches if they’re dragged across floors by shoes

Tips for different floor types

How a floor cleaning service  cares for your workplace floors depends on the floor type. Here are some factors to consider for each floor type which stress the importance of hiring a commercial cleaning service to help you with the upkeep of your floors during your peak season.

Wood floors

If you have wood flooring, it’s important to know how the wood expands and contracts when the temperature and humidity change. In the winter, lower humidity and cooler temperatures mean that wood floors will contract to leave thin gaps between planks. This is totally normal but does require extra cleaning attention to get down in the grooves. Wood should never be allowed to get too wet.

Tile floors

With tile floors, you don’t have to worry about warping and scratches. However, tiles can become discolored, either from wear and tear of from using the wrong cleaning products. Make sure that your floor cleaning service uses the correct type of products for your type of flooring.

Linoleum floors

Linoleum can last a long time but only if you take care of it. Linoleum floors react badly to harsh chemicals and extremely hot water. Also, it should never be completely saturated as water can seep under it, damaging the flooring beneath. An all-purpose cleaner is typically all that’s needed, although some linoleum requires periodic waxing.

Carpeted floors

Carpet usually needs more frequent vacuuming during the winter because of the elements and increased foot traffic. You can spot treat spills with a small, portable carpet shampooer, then call on the help of a commercial floor cleaning company  when it’s time for a thorough cleaning. After peak season passes, you will probably want to do get a full deep-cleaning of your carpets to remove ground-in dirt and odors. Check to see if the commercial cleaning service options near you offer any specialty cleaning services when it is time for this deep clean.

Brick or stone floors

Porous materials like brick and stone should be kept waxed with a commercial sealer to protect them. As long as they are sealed properly, your commercial cleaning service can clean with a mop and a mild cleaner. You can touch up when you need to by spot sweeping or lightly mopping spills.

Must-have products and equipment

For a clean and healthy workplace, you need the right products and equipment to do the job well. A no-dip flat mop is versatile enough to clean large spaces and can clean hard-to-reach spots, too. Plus, it doesn’t use dirty water, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and spreading germs further. Finally, a HEPA vacuum reduces dust and potential allergens by capturing dirt and small particles. It’s quieter than most vacuums too, so it’s less disruptive in an office environment.

Need to step up your floor care in preparation for your busy season? That’s where Coverall comes in. We clean all types of workplaces and can customize the cleaning solution that’s right for you. Learn more about Coverall’s commercial cleaning services and how we can help you!
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