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The Ultimate Classroom Cleaning Checklist

Your classroom is not only the center of learning, it’s Grand Central Station for germs. Germs live in obvious places like trash cans and restrooms, but also on numerous surfaces you could easily overlook. To combat the spread of illness in classrooms, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends cleaning and disinfecting in order to kill germs effectively. So, what do you need to clean in your classroom? The short answer is “everything.”

We’re going to guide you through the key areas that should be cleaned regularly. If this seems overwhelming, remember there are commercial cleaning companies who specialize in school cleaning services. And when you hire a commercial cleaning professional, you want to make sure they hit all the hot spots and do a thorough job. Whether you use this checklist yourself or when hiring cleaning professionals, it’s a must-read to keep you, your staff, and students healthy and safe.

Checklist for a Clean Classroom, Part 1: What to Clean

Your classroom should be cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom. Below is a list of the items and areas in your classroom to pay special attention to.

Foundational classroom items that should be dusted and cleaned regularly:

  • Wall shelves
  • Bookcases
  • Tables 
  • Chairs and stools
  • Window sills and blinds
  • Desks and chairs

High-touch classroom items that should be wiped and disinfected daily:

  • Door handles
  • Computer keyboards and mice
  • Whiteboard markers
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Phones 
  • Drawer handles
  • Toilets
  • Door handles
  • Toilet paper, soap, and towel dispensers
  • Sinks
  • Stools 

When it comes to your classroom floors, your cleaning service should vacuum and mop the floors daily. Similarly, if there is a kitchen area in the classroom, it should be cleaned and disinfected with food-safe disinfectants every day.

Checklist for a Clean Classroom, Part 2: Tools Required for a Proper Clean

To follow the best methods for cleaning your school or classroom, your professional cleaning service should be using tools that reduce contamination. Here are a few that Coverall offers and the benefits of each.
  • Hospital grade disinfectants – used to kill germs, these disinfectants use EPA-registered chemicals and feature OSHA packaging and labels.
  • Microfiber cloths – known for picking up 99% of soils, these cloths help prevent germs from spreading and are environmentally friendly.
  • No-dip mops – great for hard-to-reach places, these mops never use dirty water and reduce cross-contamination.
  • HEPA vacuums – this type of vacuum captures particles to reduce dust, help improve indoor air quality and are quieter than most vacuums.

The results will include cleaner surfaces, fewer harmful germs, and better air quality in your classroom. 

Hire school cleaning professionals

What’s the best way to ensure your classroom is as clean as possible? Hire a local, trusted commercial cleaning company with school cleaning services  to get the job done. Consider Coverall for your school cleaning needs. Their local business owners are bonded, insured and highly trained to deliver a clean that can help reduce the risk of teachers, staff and students getting sick from the flu. Give it the deep clean it needs to welcome back your students and staff from winter break. 
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