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A Guide to Seasonal Cleaning by Coverall

Though your precise geographic location will influence certain aspects of your seasonal commercial cleaning needs, many of the primary concerns are universal among businesses of all kinds, across every season.

Let’s review the various seasonal cleaning considerations and how a commercial cleaning plan can help maintain a clean workplace while also mitigating other risks like the spread of germs.

Winter Cleaning

In the cooler months of winter, commercial buildings tend to close more windows, run more heat and use more lights as the daylight hours decrease. This reduced circulation causes more dust to collect, and as employees and customers spend more time shuttered indoors, hopping from one holiday gathering to another, frequently touched points like light switches, door handles, shared equipment and common area surfaces become conductors for ailments like cold and flu. So, in addition to your standard cleaning services, you’ll likely need to supplement your winter cleaning program with dedicated disinfecting services, which can be requested on-demand to eliminate germs the moment illness hits your workplace.

Some businesses, like retailers, will need to pay extra attention to their daily commercial cleaning practices, particularly their displays, fitting rooms and check-out areas. Coverall®’s On-Demand Cleaning Services can assist with daily cleaning maintenance throughout the busiest time of the shopping season.

From an environmental perspective, winter in colder regions brings snow, sleet, ice and rock salt. For your floors, this translates to unsightly stains, grime and scuffs that could leave permanent damage. Warmer climates still get cold fronts in the winter, which always start with a good bit of rain, so these regions aren’t immune to potential floor damage either. Consider enhancing your winter cleaning program with commercial floor cleaning services, which can restore your carpets, hard surfaces and grout while reducing the long-term impacts of winter weather.

Spring Cleaning

The seasonal cleaning we all know and love: spring cleaning! The warmer weather and increasing daylight inspire many of us to tackle the cleaning tasks we’ve avoided all fall and winter. Of course, when you work with professional commercial cleaners year-round, it’s a breeze. Spring is a great time to request additional services like window cleaning or hard floor care after a harsh winter, although with the spring’s trademark pollen-saturated air, these likely won’t be one-time occurrences. For those with allergies, the powerful filtering abilities of a HEPA vacuum will be your greatest ally, which is why daily commercial cleaning is so important to maintain throughout the spring.

Summer Cleaning

Summer heat and activity patterns can influence your daily commercial cleaning schedule. In schools and other workplaces that see a drop in foot traffic during the summer, it might seem tempting to cut back on your cleaning frequency. This is a mistake—dirt, dust and germs don’t take a summer break, and neither should your commercial cleaning program. Consistency is key for maintaining the longevity of your space and protecting the health of employees and visitors.

Remember, summer can be hard on buildings as well as people. Depending on where you live, humidity, rain, hurricanes and other environmental factors can impact assets like floors and upholstery with water damage, stains and even mold and mildew growth. Pay extra attention to these areas in the summer, and don’t be afraid to enlist floor care or upholstery cleaning services to prevent any long-term damage.

Fall Cleaning

When fall kicks off, back-to-school cleaning efforts are a top priority, as many classrooms have gone unused, hallways empty and locker rooms shuttered for months. During this time, dust has likely permeated the space, coating surface upon surface. And, there’s a chance that dirt and grime have been able to make their way in unnoticed. Before welcoming back faculty and students, it’s wise to opt for a deep clean that thoroughly targets every inch of your space, including common areas and frequently touched points like handles, flat surfaces, windows and floors. Once the summer’s worth of dirt, dust and grime is eliminated, you can maintain this clean environment with a consistent janitorial cleaning program.

Keep in mind that while summer vacations are closely associated with educational institutions, they aren’t limited to them. Many retail stores, offices and other businesses also experience reduced foot traffic in the summer months, making a deep clean the perfect way to usher in the new season.

Throughout fall, environmental factors like wind, fallen leaves and debris are more abundant, putting valuable business assets like windows and floors at risk of long-term damage—think: haze or film on glass from windswept dirt particles, or build-ups of debris on carpets and grout when it’s blown or tracked inside. To keep these areas looking great and lasting long, you’ll want to incorporate preventative maintenance services into your fall cleaning program. With dedicated window care, carpet care, hard floor care and more, you can minimize fall’s impact on these valuable, hard-to-replace assets.

Contact Your Local Coverall for Seasonal Cleaning Services

Seasons change, but one thing remains constant year-round: the need for high-quality cleaning services. Coverall is a leading commercial cleaning provider, with a network of Franchise Business Owners across the country who are thoroughly trained and equipped to help you maintain a clean, healthy workplace season after season. At the core of our range of cleaning services is our aptly named Core 4® Process, which was built on CDC and AORN guidelines for a hospital-grade clean.

Get in touch with Coverall today to learn about our offerings—from our Everyday Cleaning Services, which include dusting, disinfection wiping, vacuuming and mopping, to our Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Services, which can help extend the life of your most valuable business assets. We’ll work with you to prepare a free, custom quote that factors in your facility’s unique seasonal cleaning considerations as well as your budget, leaving you with a cleaner, healthier and safer space for all.

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