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A Breakdown of the Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Business owners know how vital it is to keep their spaces clean and organized. But what type of services do commercial cleaning companies offer to help handle the lift? We break down the main services you can expect from a commercial cleaning company and why these services are imperative to your business. It’s important to note, the best commercial cleaning companies will offer a wide range of services that take care of all of your cleaning needs. 


Dusting is one of the most standard functions of cleaning services and should be done most frequently. Dust may appear harmless, but it is a leading cause of indoor air pollution that has been linked to increased rates of reduced worker productivity. Not only does dusting improve environmental safety, but a frequently dusted building also conveys a more positive and appealing image to building visitors and occupants.

Dusting is usually performed daily, especially on frequently used surfaces such as keyboards, desks, and blinds. Other vertical surfaces, such as filing cabinets, air vents and light fixtures, should be dusted once every two to four weeks, however, they can be cleaned more often if needed. If the surface is between eye level and knee level, the general rule of thumb is to dust weekly to ensure that dust does not accumulate. 

Standard Wiping

Standard wiping is necessary to eliminate germs and bacteria in shared spaces. Commercial equipment should be wiped down with an antibacterial cleaner every day. Spray cleaner can also be used on glass and bathroom surfaces during the day, although a more frequent wiping schedule might be necessary for more contaminated areas such as the bathroom. Commercial cleaning companies, like Coverall, will damp-wipe all surfaces with disinfectant as a part of their core cleaning services to keep the health risk to employees low.


Studies have shown that up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in by 1,000 people coming through an entrance in just one day — that’s a lot of dirt being embedded into your carpet. This is why vacuuming should be a priority for any cleaning routine. With that said, how often do your carpets need to be cleaned and what vacuums should be used to minimize allergens?

Vacuuming should be a part of the daily cleaning routine, especially in high traffic areas. Vacuuming each day greatly cuts down on how much dirt gets stuck into the carpets and improves the air quality for occupants and guests. Failing to vacuum carpet regularly can also cause soil buildup, which will damage the carpet and wear it down over time. Make sure your commercial cleaning provider uses HEPA-filtration vacuums. HEPA filters trap 99.7% of airborne particulate matter, keeping irritants and allergens out of the air, improving overall air quality.


Floors generally experience heavy foot traffic and should be mopped at least once a week to prevent grime and buildup. Using a microfiber dry mop in between your wet mopping routine can help keep your floors clean and sanitized.

Several studies, including one study devoted to using no-dip mops in hospitals, have shown that traditional string mops are more likely to spread bacteria instead of cleaning it. While some commercial cleaning services still rely on the typical string mop you might find in a janitor’s closet, there are undeniable benefits of using a no-dip mop that make it a safer option for cleaning. With this system, the cleaning professional releases just enough clean water and solution onto the surface to disinfect and uses a flat mop to properly remove dirt. This system means the water and solution is never contaminated, and none of the disinfectant solution is wasted.

Trash Removal

Regular trash removal is important in keeping your workplace clean and safe. Trash should be taken out every day and receptacles wiped down to avoid hazardous conditions in the workplace. Commercial cleaning companies are familiar with the many laws and regulations for safely removing and disposing of trash, and will be more likely than employees to follow waste disposal guidelines. 

What are Special Services? 

If you need something above and beyond what commercial cleaning services normally provide, many companies will allow you to add specialty services to your cleaning routine. There will be times that your workplace will need extra services that provide a deeper clean. Ask your provider what special services they have to offer. At Coverall we offer On-Demand cleaning services while others may include hard floor care, window cleaning, carpet deep cleaning, upholstery and fabric care, or grout cleaning. 

The types of commercial cleaning services offered by your provider should be flexible and able to fit your unique needs. You get all of this with Coverall. Our network of franchise business owners will deliver professional commercial cleaning services that include wiping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and trash removal. Coverall is your partner when it comes to customizing the cleaning solution that’s right for you. Our preventative maintenance plan provides a thorough and consistent clean in highly trafficked and hard to reach places, so add on our special services to increase the lifespan of your floors, fabrics, and more.

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