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How Franchise Ownership Assists Local Communities

Hiring is starting to pick up as America continues to navigate the global pandemic. Much attention has been paid to the impact of powerful players like Amazon, Apple, and Google, but often overlooked are the franchise industry’s contributions to local economies. Coverall is a leading franchisor in the commercial cleaning industry, serving the needs of businesses all over the country. If you are thinking of ways to contribute to America’s recovery, becoming a local Franchise Owner may be the right opportunity for you.

The Impact of Franchises in America  

Franchise businesses across a wide range of industries contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to the US economy. According to the International Franchise Association’s 2021 Economic Outlook Report for Franchising,  franchise locations are projected to grow at a rate of 3.5% this year. Within the franchising category, commercial service franchises (like Coverall) will inject $53.3 billion into the US recovery in 2021. From Arizona to Florida, franchising is offering new opportunities for entrepreneurs throughout the U.S.

How Do Franchises Improve Local Economies?

Franchises can create positive economic growth for the areas they call home. Coverall Franchise Business Owners work, live, and spend in their communities. Those who build thriving local businesses also tend to support their entrepreneurial neighbors by dining out in their restaurants, filling up at their gas pumps, and shopping in their stores. When these Franchise Owners hire area workers, local spending goes up even more. More local income creates a larger tax pool, often translating into better schools and expanded services for communities. 

Franchises Fare Better in Local Communities

Compared to other employers faced with significant overhead costs and financial risk, the franchise model can make it easier for local entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. Start-up costs for conventional business owners can be a barrier to entry, let alone concerns about profit margins, longevity, and employee turnover. Franchises such as Coverall have a clear start-up edge with comparatively low initial investment, low franchise fees, and liquid capital requirements.

Coverall Franchise Owners and their cleaning teams all receive rigorous training in our scientifically proven Core 4® Process, our proprietary cleaning protocol built on CDC and AORN guidelines. This built-in training and support system for new owners helps equip them with the skills to build their businesses and pass along this knowledge to promising local employee candidates.

Franchise Business Ownership Enables You to Give Back

Coverall Franchise Owners often support their local communities by getting involved and volunteering for good causes. Though a franchise like Coverall enjoys national recognition, our Franchise Owners tend to employ local workers who spend their money close to home. We set you up for success to offer professional commercial cleaning services to local businesses that need it. 

Read our Franchise Ownership Guide to learn more about this opportunity or take the next step toward starting a business you can be proud of by contacting a Coverall representative today. Through franchise ownership, you will contribute to real, lasting economic impact in the community where you live. 
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