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Seasonal Commercial Cleaning Guide

Though your precise geographic area may influence some aspects of a seasonal commercial cleaning guide, many of the primary concerns are universal among businesses of all kinds. As business owners and employees continue to grapple with the challenges associated with COVID-19 and the Delta variant, cold and flu season is just on the horizon. As school starts, much of the focus lately has been on the health and safety of educators and students. However, staff and visitors to medical centers, retail establishments, industrial facilities, and office complexes face an equal threat at those locations. A seasonal commercial cleaning plan can help maintain the cleanliness standards in the workplace while also helping mitigate the spread of germs and illnesses not only among staff members, but also to those they encounter at the end of the day. Coverall® explains.




In the Fall, back-to-school cleaning efforts are traditionally important as many classrooms have laid dormant, hallways empty, and locker rooms shuttered. Thorough, “deep cleaning” is always a good idea before welcoming back faculty and students on the first day followed by regular, daily commercial cleaning thereafter. With more students returning to school amid the ongoing pandemic, maintaining high standards of cleanliness provided by an experienced commercial cleaning provider is more important than ever.


Summer vacations aren’t limited to educational institutions. Places of business also experience lower attendance in the summer months and a “deep clean” is a good idea for kicking off the fiscal year. Many businesses around the country continued to limit office capacity with goals of officially reopening this fall.


Coverall is a leading commercial cleaning service provider with Franchise Business Owners all over the country who offer On-Demand “deep cleaning” to help get businesses prepare for fall. Trained Franchise Owners can also come in the event of an illness outbreak and give any room or your entire building an electrostatic spay or contamination clean. Preventative Maintenance services might also be in order this fall to care for any hard floors, tile, grout, and upholstery that were neglected after an extended shut-down.


Regardless of any additional services your facility needs, autumn is the time to book your regular commercial cleaning provider for daily disinfection, mopping, vacuuming. If you haven’t used one before, it is critical that you do now. Coverall representatives are standing by to help set your business on the right track this fall and keep all who enter your business as safe and healthy as possible.




In the cooler months of winter, commercial buildings tend to close more windows, run more heat, and use more lights as the daylight hours decrease. Reduced circulation causes more dust to collect. As employees and others spend more time shuttered indoors, high-touch points become a facilitator for spreading cold and flu. Your professional commercial cleaning company must pay careful attention to these high-touch points, especially in winter when contagious respiratory illnesses reach their peak.


Coverall’s Core 4® Process was built on CDC and AORN guidelines to help avoid cross-contamination. Every Coverall Franchise Owner comes equipped with the tools necessary to further that goal, including no-dip flat mops and color-coded microfiber cloths. With EPA-approved cleaning solvents for thorough disinfection and HEPA vacuums to remove airborne particles, they deliver Coverall’s Health-Based Clean® with every visit. It’s a value that pays off all year, and especially in winter when conditions create the perfect storm for contracting illnesses.


The holiday season poses its own subset of cleaning issues as shoppers return to brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers will need to pay extra attention to their daily commercial cleaning practices, particularly their displays, fitting rooms, and check-out areas. Be sure to let your commercial cleaning provider know about any changes to your traffic patterns or displays that might influence the impact on your high touch areas. Ask about Coverall’s On-Demand Day Porter Service to assist with daily cleaning maintenance throughout the busiest time of the shopping season.




The seasonal cleaning we all know and love: Spring Cleaning! The warmer weather and increasing daylight inspire many of us to tackle the more unpleasant tasks we’ve been avoiding. Of course, when you work with professional commercial cleaners year-round, it’s a breeze. The spring is a great time to request some additional tasks such as window cleaning or hard floor care after a harsh winter, both are Preventative Maintenance services offered by Coverall. For those with allergies, enjoy the benefits of that HEPA vacuum. However, consider placing an air filter near your workspace as well.


When you outsource your everyday commercial cleaning to the professionals, you can reclaim the true meaning of Spring Cleaning. Invest some quality time decluttering your space, swapping out your seasonal work clothing, organizing your office desk, purging your file cabinets, and cleaning out your head space.




Summer heat and activity patterns can influence your daily commercial cleaning schedule. Whether school is out for the summer or “out forever,” administrators might be tempted to cut their commercial cleaning entirely. We believe this is a mistake. Consistency is key for maintaining the longevity of your building and for protecting the health of those who still have reason to visit.


Coverall recommends that a regular cleaning, even if on a temporarily reduced schedule, is the best way to extend the health benefits of cleaning as long as possible. Remember- summer can be hard on buildings as well as people. Depending on where you live, humidity, rain, hurricanes, and other environmental factors can have a real impact on the integrity of your work environment and your person. By maintaining your commercial cleaning routine, you can help avoid some of these lasting effects even if your staff members, teachers, shoppers, or students are away.

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