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Preventing The Flu At Work As Employees Return To The Office

After more than two years of the COV-19 pandemic, a growing number of companies are transitioning their employees back from working remotely to working in the office – at least part-time.

And, they are doing so, right as flu season kicks off. Naturally, the gathering of more people indoors during flu season is a concern. So how does an employer assure its staff that they are doing everything possible to help keep them healthy and safe?

To combat the flu, employers need to take extra steps this year to keep their workplaces as germ-free as possible. Often, this involves hiring a professional commercial cleaning service for more thorough cleaning and sanitation.

Germs spread quickly and some of the most used objects in a workplace are the most popular hotspots for germs and bacteria to breed and spread. Coverall® has noted some of the most common places where viruses and germs can spread:

  • Restrooms: Toilets have 3,000 bacteria per square inch
  • Telephones: Phones carry 10x more germs than a toilet seat
  • Light Switches: High counts of fecal bacteria have been found on switches
  • Faucets and Door Handles: Handles, including sinks, doors and microwaves have high germ counts

Coverall’s highly trained Franchise Business Owners ‘clean for the unseen,’ meaning your facility may look tidy, but dangerous germs and bacteria are brewing that could cost your company in sales, morale and productivity. This is one area to count on the professional commercial cleaning companies to kill and remove these unseen bacteria, helping to reduce the risk of illness and infection – while creating an exceptionally clean facility.

In addition to a clean work environment, don’t forget to take preventive action to help stop the spread of the cold and/or flu virus. Wash your hands, consider getting a flu vaccine and stay home from work when you are not feeling well. 

If commercial cleaners aren’t already cleaning your workplace this flu season, it’s time to inquire about establishing cleaning services and a routine with a professional commercial cleaning service, like Coverall.

For businesses that already have routine cleaning, On-Demand Cleaning Services, Preventative Maintenance or Janitorial Services is something to consider.

Posted: 9/20/2022 6:54:41 AM by Kevin Hourigan | with 0 comments