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Science-based cleaning puts patient health first

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), outpatient surgery centers and same day surgery centers can be high risk environments for disease transmission and nosocomial infections. Proper commercial cleaning to reduce the presence of harmful germs should be a critical part of the center’s plan to improve patient outcomes.

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Avoid outdated cleaning services
Your commercial cleaning service can help make or break your infection prevention efforts. Using outdated cleaning tools and techniques can lead to cross-contamination and neglected soil on critical near-patient surfaces. Best practices for medical office cleaning, such as recommended by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), are a requirement in surgical and clinical environments.


to Detail
Create a healthier environment
Restrooms, waiting areas, offices, windows, blinds, lobbies and floors create an impression of your outpatient surgery center for patients and visitors. The details in your commercial cleaning program can help create a more positive clinical experience.


Trained and certified
The Coverall® Program uses commercial cleaning protocols designed specifically for ambulatory surgery centers according to current industry standards and best practices. Coverall Franchised Businesses are trained to deliver a consistent high quality cleaning.
Cleaning Day Surgery and Outpatient Centers
Outpatient and day surgery centers rely on the cleanliness of their facility to help protect patient health. The risk of cross-contamination is higher depending on the equipment and techniques used by your current cleaning service. A medical cleaning service with the ability to meet the demanding technical and health-related standards of an outpatient surgery center is the best option to help support your infection control plan.
  • Serious about infection control in outpatient surgery centers
  • Terminal cleaning procedure built on AORN and CDC protocols
  • Specialized franchisee training program for healthcare
Coverall franchised commercial healthcare cleaning services are provided by local, independently owned and operated franchised businesses trained and certified to use Coverall® Program processes and brand.
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