Bozena Trojan
Coverall Franchised Business Owner
Bomar Commercial Cleaning, Inc.

Bozena Found Coverall in Her Pursuit of Happiness

It all began with Bozena Trojan and a newspaper ad. She was in search of a business opportunity that utilized her previous cleaning experience. As luck would have it, that’s exactly what she found – an ad from Coverall’s Chicago Support Center. One phone call later and the rest is history. Before she knew it, she had her first customer, a small commercial building, followed by medical buildings, factories, car dealerships and more.


Like many other Coverall Franchised Business Owners, Bozena made the transition from residential cleaning to commercial, which offered more flexibility when it came to scheduling and performing cleaning services. (Residential cleaning is typically performed during the day.) And with a young family to manage, the ability to operate her Coverall Franchised Business at night was an exact match to her needs, giving her the work-life balance she always wanted.


Today, after 13 years in business, Bozena couldn’t be happier. “I’ve been able to grow my business at my own pace without answering to anyone but my customers and myself.” She continues, “I’m happy, so how could I ever give this up?” In fact, Bozena was so happy that she referred her friend Dorota to Coverall, who also become a Coverall Franchised Business Owner.

"I shared my experience with Dorota because she is my good friend and deserves to be her own boss and to be happy - it is nice to know she is both."