Dorota Pilipczuk
Coverall Franchised Business Owner
JDP Commercial Cleaning, Inc.

From Friend to Franchise - The Story of a Referral

It’s true that when you’re happy, it shows in everything you do, especially when you love what you do. That’s what initially drew Dorota Pilipczuk to Coverall. Her good friend Bozena Trojan, who had just been named the Coverall Franchised Business of the Year, always seemed happy.
"I saw that Bozena was very happy owning a business and I asked if she thought I could do it too." said Dorota.

Bozena happily referred her to the Chicago Support Center where she explored the opportunity in detail and made her decision.

Prior to owning her Coverall Franchised Business, Dorota was an account manager working a typical nine-to-five job, but the lifestyle was completely against her nature. “Being a business owner is much more satisfying and offers me the opportunity to be happy,” she said. “I also feel healthier and happier than I ever did working in an office.”
Dorota says it was the trust she placed in Bozena that initiated her start, but also the great training, support, access to affordable equipment and low cost of entry that made the Coverall® System the right decision. Soon, she was off and running, using the guidance of the Chicago Support Center and firsthand knowledge of her good friend to keep her moving in the right direction.
Today, Dorota services a variety of facilities including general and medical offices, retail locations, warehouses and more, and says it’s her ability to stay in constant contact with her customers to make sure they are happy that supports the growth of her business.