Joseph Tocco
Coverall Franchised Business Owner
Deucecco Enterprises

2014 Coverall Franchised Business Owner of the Year

The best advice Joseph Tocco can offer other business owners is to ensure you have someone to rely on as your support system. Tocco took his own advice and started a franchised business with Coverall.
Though Tocco hit a trifecta - he counts his employees, Coverall Support Center Team, and his family as his support system.
In 2011, Tocco made a switch and joined the Coverall® System by starting his franchised business. He set a goal to expand his business the following year, and through hard work, focusing on customer relations and hiring the right team, he succeeded. Tocco currently has 20 employees servicing approximately 60 customers throughout the Northwest Ohio market.
Tocco hired his current General Manager, Kris Anderson, a few years ago to help him grow the business by assisting employees with business development while also nurturing current customer relationships. It’s those things, he says, that create long-term relationships, such as the one he has with his very first customer, one of the area’s largest car dealerships.
Tocco also credits his company’s growth to his wife, family and General Manager, Kris Anderson, as well as the guidance he received from Jim Giannone, Master Owner of Coverall of Northwest Ohio, and his Coverall Support Center Team. Without them, he says his business would not be what it is today. In fact, it was only after speaking with Giannone that Tocco decided to start his Coverall Franchised Business.
“It’s a good feeling to know you have the backup of a great team and Support Center behind you at all times,” said Tocco.