Luis Acevedo, U.S. National Gaurd
Coverall Franchised Business Owner
Infinity 4 Investments, LLC

2014 Coverall Franchised Business Owner of the Year - Honorable Mention

Chicago-based small business owner, Luis Acevedo, thought about buying a franchised business for nearly seven years. During that time, he pondered some tough questions. Was he ready to own a business? Did he have the skills to make it work? What happens if it doesn’t work? Acevedo knew it wouldn’t be easy and would require hard work, but he figured the potential reward was worth the risk. Once past the gut-check, it was time for him to make a decision and develop a plan.

At the time, Acevedo had served 12 years with the National Guard, and his sister, a Military Veteran, was on her way home from active duty in Kuwait. This was the time to kick his entrepreneurial spirit into high gear. Five years prior he had reached out to Coverall and started the discovery process, but wasn’t ready to follow through. He still had the phone number and decided to call Coverall’s Chicago Support Center again. To his surprise, the same person he spoke with half a decade ago answered the phone. Over the next few weeks, his plan fell into place.

One year later, Acevedo is the owner of his own Coverall Franchised Business. In 2014, he was selected as an Honorable Mention for Coverall’s 2014 Annual Franchised Business Owner of the Year Awards, a prestigious achievement considering there are more than 8,000 franchisees in the entire Coverall® System. Acevedo believes in himself now more than ever and maximizes every hour of each day to keep his business moving in the right direction.

“This is not a job, it’s a business,” said Acevedo. “A real opportunity like this requires a ton of work, commitment, sacrifice to stay in business.”