Olendus and Cythnia Gaines, U.S Army and U.S. Air Force Veterans
Coverall Franchised Business Owners
Gaines Comercial Cleaning, LLC

Poised for Business Ownership

Most successful business leaders have the ability to stay calm under pressure, whether dealing with day-to-day stress or difficult customer situations. This ability is called poise and is a skill often honed through military training and experience. Cynthia and Olendus Gaines of Gaines Commercial Cleaning, LLC, both United States Military Veterans (Army and Air Force), have incredible poise and outstanding personalities to match.
As Coverall Franchised Business Owners, this husband and wife team understands what it means to go above and beyond for their customers. They also know the value of taking on a challenge and the reward that may come with risk. By accepting some “complex” customers with a history of challenges, and turning the situation around to create happy customers, they have directly influenced the goodwill of the Coverall® brand in a positive way, which benefits the entire Coverall® System.
As they continue to move forward with their business, Cynthia and Olendus Gaines are surely poised for business ownership well into the future.
“We find it especially rewarding when we earn the trust of a customer, which then develops into a long business relationship” says Cynthia Gaines.