Adam Schoenfeld and Sebastian Pica
Coverall Franchised Business Owners
Metro Cleaning Solutions, Inc.

Lifelong Friends and Musicians Find a Passion for Business Ownership

Adam Schoenfeld & Sebastian Pica once toured the United States in their rock band, Wired. Today, they stick to Long Island’s Suffolk, Nassau and Queens Counties as owners of the Coverall Franchised Business, Metro Cleaning Solutions, Inc. The duo has developed quite a fan base since starting their business in 2008. And by fans, we mean happy customers.

It wasn’t easy at first, especially since the pair held full-time jobs during the day while building their business at night. In fact, they rarely did anything else during that first year, surviving solely on their strong desire to build a business and old-fashioned work ethic. They embraced their mistakes and learned from them, eventually mastering the services they worked so hard to deliver. Advice came from every direction but it was the insight gained from the Coverall Support Center and veteran Coverall Franchised Business Owners that really hit home. Most importantly, they listened, turning customer complaints into constructive feedback that fueled their progress. It was all or nothing and they were all-in.

Five years later, Metro Cleaning Solutions, Inc. was named the 2013 Coverall Franchised Business of the Year, a huge accomplishment that proved what they knew all along – they could build a business that was their own. Since then, they’ve continued to grow their business and now enjoy an even bigger circle of happy customers.