Sergio Garcia
Coverall Franchised Business Owner
Sur Cleaning Services, Inc.

A Franchised Business Built on Referrals

Sergio Garcia has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why he came to the United States 14 years ago – to find an opportunity that gave him the freedom to pursue his dream of being a small business owner. He found that opportunity as a Coverall® Franchised Business Owner.
In the last four years, Garcia has steadily operated his business through hard work and ambition. He credits his loyal and happy customers to unwavering dedication to communication and his attention to detail.
“I try to learn something new every day so I can bring more value to my customers,” said Garcia. “Whether new floor care techniques, window washing services, or new cleaning technology, I give my customers my best in order to show them how good their office should look.”
The ultimate measure of customer satisfaction is referral business. Garcia has gained new business, as well as additional business, from current customers thanks to referrals. His ability to maintain effective communication and customer happiness has resulted in a steady stream of referral business.
As for Garcia, he is happy with his decision to pursue his Coverall Franchised Business because it allows him to make a positive impact on his customers and their businesses. For this, he thanks the Coverall® System.