Benit (Benny) Gotah and Ablavi Anoumou
Coverall Franchised Business Owners
Adi-Got Brothers Services, LLC

Against the Odds:  Husband and Wife Team Named 2015 Franchised Business of the Year

Benit Gotah, or “Benny” for those who know him, is living proof that if you want something badly enough, nothing will stand in your way – not even being stricken with polio at age two, needing a cane to walk, or relocating to a new country and having to leave your family behind. Accepting challenges, taking risks and succeeding despite the odds are nothing new to Benny.


Originally from Togo, Africa, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in sociology, Benny came to the United States in 2001 to pursue his master’s at University of North Carolina Charlotte. His wife, Ablavi, stayed behind to care for their children while Benny started building the life they always dreamed of in the land of opportunity. But, his schooling soon took a back seat to earning a living. Taking a job at a popular fast food restaurant helped him slowly save enough to bring his family to the United States, and after three years, they were reunited.


With his wife and children at his side, Benny decided to start his own business. That’s when he learned the true meaning of the saying, “you never know unless you ask.” Led by his natural entrepreneurial instincts and his desire to be his own boss, Benny approached his manager at the restaurant with an idea: He would clean the floors, carpets and linens at the restaurant, not as an employee, but on his own. Given Benny’s work ethic, the restaurant manager agreed and Benny began providing cleaning services to four of the restaurants.


Benny continued this work for about 10 years until, in 2014, he and his wife discovered the Coverall® franchised business opportunity. It was then that the dream of truly owning a business came to life and Adi-Got Brothers Services, LLC was born.


Today, Benny and his wife, Ablavi Anoumou, work side-by-side to provide professional commercial cleaning services to their customers and grow their business. All the while, Benny has continued pursuing his master’s degree, the original reason he came to the United States 15 years ago. In less than two years as franchisees, they’ve achieved another major milestone – being named 2015 Coverall Franchised Business of the Year.