Jeremiah Bates
Coverall Franchised Business Owner
Emerald Cleaning Service, LLC

One Door Closes and Another Opens - Thanks to a Friend

Like many new Franchised Business Owners, Jeremiah Bates started his business without previous commercial cleaning experience. After 15 years in the hectic hospitality industry, he was simply looking for a fresh start doing something new. Fortunately, a friend from his hospitality past life, D’Andre Harris, was already onto something new in Chicago as a Coverall Franchisee. Eager to take control of his future, Bates accepted an invitation from Harris to learn about the Coverall franchised business opportunity firsthand – by helping provide services to Harris’ customers in Rockford, Illinois.


That was it. Bates liked what he saw, and made the decision to start his own Coverall Franchised Business in 2013 in the Pittsburgh, PA area.


In less than three years, Bates expanded his business, Emerald Cleaning Service, LLC, providing service to his customers in six counties and his networking skills and focus on brand promotion have also helped him secure many customers on his own. Now, he can celebrate another great achievement – being named Coverall’s 2015 Franchised Business of the Year.


His business approach happened both by design and by accident. He turned to the Chambers of Commerce in each of the counties where he has customers to introduce his Franchised Business and meet people within each community. Word of his dependable service spread from among his customers and from county to county, and soon, thanks to his networking efforts Bates was to ready to expand his business by hiring employees. He managed to find a powerful niche in local placement agencies for people with disabilities. Today, half of Bates’ employees are sourced through his partnerships with these agencies.


“I employ people with disabilities and utilize all the resources I can from the Coverall Support Center to provide them with one-on-one training. It is simply a matter of finding the perfect position for each employee, so they can enjoy the satisfaction and benefits that come from working hard.”


Bates credits his success to the great advice he has received over the years from other Coverall Franchisees, especially his friend, D’Andre Harris, and the team at the Coverall Support Center. And, he says the Core 4® Process helps his business deliver the consistency his customers expect.


As for the future, Bates says he has big plans to grow within the next five years, and may consider expanding to another area.