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The Inside Scoop on Operating a Franchise with Family

While working a full-time job and being a full-time student, Theresa, a single mother of five, was devastated to find out that her youngest son, 17-year-old, Josh, was struck and severely injured by a speeding car. Josh had just left school and was crossing the street for the bus home when it happened. Theresa was a business major at the time but she knew without hesitation that she would have to put her dreams of owning a business on hold so she could remain by the side of her son.
After spending over a week in the hospital and enduring multiple surgeries Josh began the process of recovering from his injuries. However, Theresa prayed for a way to remain physically close to Josh and at the same time fulfill her dream of business ownership. She decided to start a cleaning business with her son. She bought some mops, some disinfectant, some cleaning rags, and They began to pass out flyers and service customers. One day while in her favorite nail shop, Theresa met a lady named Felicia, who happened to be an FBO with Coverall. The two ladies began to talk shop. Theresa was struck by how professional and polished Felicia was about the janitorial business. She knew right away that she wanted to conduct herself in that manner, so she got the information from Felicia, made an appointment with Bill, and she has now been an FBO with coverall ever since.
Theresa has since finished school and Josh continues to recover. She credits the Lord first, and Coverall second, with helping her fulfill her dream of business ownership, and at the same time allowing her to remain close to her son. She and Josh are co-owners of their Coverall Franchise. Theresa says that “we have faced some ups and downs in this business, and in life, and we face them together as a family.”

About Coverall North America, Inc.

Since its inception in 1985, Coverall North America, Inc. has grown into a leading franchised brand, licensing thousands of entrepreneurs to operate independent commercial cleaning franchised businesses using the Coverall® brand and system. In 2008, Coverall launched its proprietary Health-Based Cleaning System® Program, and in 2014, introduced the Coverall Core 4® Process, demonstrating its dedication to continuous innovation and leadership on behalf of its franchisees. Coverall’s unique process combines advanced cleaning technologies and tools, hospital-grade disinfectants, professional training programs, business support services, and a passion for healthy cleaning. System-wide, more than 8,000 Franchised Businesses provide the Coverall cleaning system and services to over 50,000 customers across 90 markets. For more information, visit

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