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Juan Peralta Named Coverall’s Franchise Owner of the Year

For 22 years, Juan Peralta, owner of Juan A. Peralta, Inc., has put in the hard work and determination to realize his dreams of business ownership
DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – (July 19, 2021) – Coverall North America, Inc., a leading franchisor in the commercial cleaning industry, announced today that Juan Peralta, owner of Juan A. Peralta, Inc., (d.b.a Coverall) is the recipient of the Coverall Franchise Business Owner of the Year Award.  Peralta, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been recognized for his excellent customer service, commitment to his employees and his passion for growing his commercial cleaning business for the past 22 years.  
When asked what it meant to receive this honor from Coverall, Peralta said, “Receiving the news that I had been selected made all the years of hard work payoff,” said Peralta. “I am filled with more energy to keep going and to do more things to grow my business. I believe in investing in top-of-the-line equipment for my business. My employees were excited as well, and I am very proud to be with Coverall.”
Based in Minneapolis, he and his staff serve a wide array of customers, including medical facilities, schools and retail outlets. He currently employs over 45 employees. Prior to becoming a Franchise Business Owner, Peralta was a process engineer for an electronics company. And, while Covid-19 did impact his business, he was quick to identify new opportunities and invested in Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayers so that he could provide On-Demand cleaning services to his customers.
Peralta also is known for sharing his knowledge and expertise with his team. He’s a mentor to his supervisors and key employees. They have learned about the industry under his leadership, and he has referred them to Coverall to become Independent Business Owners.
“Juan exemplifies what it means to be a Coverall Franchise Business Owner,” said Shirley Klein, Coverall’s Chief Operations Officer. “He is willing to help whenever needed and go the extra mile. His customers appreciate his hands-on approach to their business and his hard work has made him a role model for all that know him. We are proud to have him as part of the Coverall network.”
Coverall provides operational support and training to help business owners start their own franchise businesses and provides a system and network that helps them with their continued development and progress.   
One of the best parts of being an owner, according to Juan, is the freedom of managing your own business. He believes in learning and makes sure to take advantage of Coverall’s training as he says it has made him a better owner. One piece of advice he often gives to people thinking about business ownership is, “Never give up and participate in as much training as possible on all aspects of the business.”

About Coverall North America, Inc.
Since its inception in 1985, Coverall North America, Inc. has grown into a leading franchised brand, licensing thousands of entrepreneurs to operate independent commercial cleaning franchised businesses using the Coverall® brand and system. In 2008, Coverall launched its proprietary Health-Based Cleaning System® Program, and in 2014, introduced the Coverall Core 4® Process, demonstrating its dedication to continuous innovation and leadership on behalf of its franchisees. Coverall’s unique process combines advanced cleaning technologies and tools, hospital-grade disinfectants, professional training programs, business support services, and a passion for healthy cleaning. System-wide, more than 8,000 Franchised Businesses provide the Coverall cleaning system and services to over 50,000 customers across 90 markets. For more information, visit
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