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24-Hour Customer Service

24-Hour Customer Service is the driving force that keeps Coverall Franchise Owners' customers satisfied and our retention strong. Our goal is to create Customers for Life. We have several ways to keep in touch, each individually suited to meet your specific business needs:

Mobile Wireless System
Our hand-held wireless system allows our inspectors to input your requests and information in real time, creating a rapid response time from our Franchise Owners.

Customer Service Line
Every Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Support Center has a 24-hour, toll-free phone number dedicated to help our Franchise Owners respond to your needs.

Direct Email Contact
Every customer has 24-hour direct access to our Operations Department via email and fax.

Log Book Contact
Each facility is given a personalized log book through which you can communicate directly with your Franchise Owner on a daily basis.

Customer Contact Report System
You will be periodically contacted by Coverall's quality control department on behalf of our Franchise Owners to rate their services and ensure your satisfaction.

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The Coverall Difference
"We've had Coverall Franchise Owners providing services in our offices for the last six years. Overall, they have done an excellent job for the price. They have been responsive to special requests and flexible in their scheduling. We would highly recommend them!"
-Steve Palmer, Founder
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