Commercial Cleaning Guide

Commercial office building exterior


A commercial cleaning service, sometimes referred to as a janitorial service, is a special type of professional cleaner that provides services to a variety of business types. These cleaning services can be performed during or after business hours, so they do not interfere with business operations, and generally include daily cleaning tasks and upkeep that keep your professional space looking clean and ready to serve your patrons. Whether you do business in an office, medical facility, or retail space, commercial cleaning services are likely the solution you’re looking for.

Some commercial cleaning companies are individually owned or operated, while others are part of a centrally owned brand. Coverall's franchise owners operate under a franchisee model, meaning individual business owners serve their local markets under the Coverall brand. These franchise business owners perform commercial cleaning services with the backing of a nationally recognized brand. This coverage allows the Coverall System franchisees to serve single business locations along with multiple locations that are part of a chain. Our network of regional support centers spans the United States, Canada, and Japan, so finding a "professional cleaning service near me" has never been easier.

What Services Does a Commercial Cleaning Company Typically Offer?

When you decide to hire a commercial cleaning company, it’s important to know what consists of a routine general cleaning service and what may be considered “additional services.” The best commercial cleaning companies will give you a quote that details both.

Coverall’s cleaning services will address dust that collects on and around surfaces —which can help reduce allergens in office and store environments.
Routine vacuuming of high-traffic areas can decrease debris brought in by patrons. Unsightly dirt can detract from the professional appeal of your office or storefront. Coverall’s commercial cleaning services will help eliminate excess dirt.
The hard floors in any space can become dirty after a busy day of high foot traffic. Coverall takes the time to clean and care for each floor type which will also preserve the longevity of the floor and provide your business and brand with a professional, clean space.
Trash Removal
Stinky garbage left in your workplace overnight can be quite a surprise in the morning. Coverall’s janitorial services will remove the waste, clean receptacles and replace bags after each workday.
Standard Wiping
A regular wipe-down gets rid of residue and grime. However, Coverall uses disinfectants and additional cleaning tools to remove bacteria and viruses that cause illness.

Commercial Cleaning Specialty Services

With so many types of businesses out there, some may require specialty cleaning to account for spaces that need attention above and beyond a general clean. To get those sometimes forgotten spaces, keep your products and display items looking their best, or prepare for seasonal traffic influxes, adding a special service to your general cleaning schedule is a great idea. Save your flooring, upholstery, and other assets through a preventative maintenance plan.

A one-time event might also require a higher level of attention than your usual weekday clean. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly special services you might need to consider are:

Hardwood Floor Care
Unique care for this durable floor type should be considered to preserve the look for years to come.
Window Washing
Get your windows cleaned regularly to preserve your view and allow in plenty of natural light.
Carpet Care
Aside from routine vacuuming, carpet can require more attention in the event of a spill, or a build up of grime from foot traffic.
Upholstery and Fabric Care
Couches and fabric décor can require cleaning outside of routine care to keep your furniture looking new.
Grout Cleaning
Closer attention to these often-overlooked collection points for dirt can make all the difference, especially if you have tile features in your office.
Special Event Cleaning
Sometimes the best place to host an event is at your workplace. You worry about the fun and leave the clean-up to Coverall.

How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost?

A commercial cleaning service takes a number of factors into consideration as they prepare a cleaning service pricing quote. Since each business or workplace is different, there are a few key factors to consider when you are reviewing price quotes for services. These include:

  • The size of your space and the size of the area to be cleaned
  • How frequently you require cleaning
  • Specialized services
  • Time of cleaning (during the day or overnight)

Having an idea of your requirements for getting your space professionally cleaned will help you during the quoting process. Learn more about other pricing factors that influence your commercial cleaning quote


How coverall's Commercial Cleaning Franchise Owners Get the Job Done

Coverall franchise owners operate as independent business owners with the added support one would expect from a nationally recognized commercial cleaning brand. When they decide to purchase a franchise with Coverall, these business owners are provided with in-depth training on the Coverall Core 4® process. This approach to commercial cleaning combines advanced disinfecting chemicals, tools, and cleaning protocols that remove the maximum amount of dirt and grime. The Coverall process also helps reduce the risk of illness to create an exceptionally clean business. Owners are often members of the communities they service, so you’ll get a quality professional clean while supporting a local business owner. Finding a support location near you is the first step to find your professional cleaning provider.


How Will Your workplace Benefit from a Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial cleaning benefits really begin to stack up when you consider all the stakeholders they benefit. From co-workers to customers, having a tidy business makes an impact on your overall operations. Can you recall a rough cold/flu season at work? Having offices professionally cleaned with disinfectants can help prevent the spread of flu in the workplace. Depending on your facility type, a commercial cleaning service can improve the overall safety of your employees too. In an industrial setting, debris can cause tripping hazards if left behind from the prior workday. If a portion of your staff’s time is consumed with cleaning tasks, you could also see a decrease in employee productivity. Your customers will appreciate it too. Having a tidy space that greets customers and provides a healthy space can make a great first impression.

What Are the Different Facility Types Where Commercial Cleaning Services Are Offered?

Coverall franchise owners provide janitorial services to a wide variety of facility types. Each type has unique cleaning considerations and requires the right mix of service to maintain a clean, professional appearance. Some types of workplaces where Coverall provides services include:
Empty and clean rows of desks in an office
Office Cleaning
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Clean medical station
Medical Office Cleaning
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Clean industrial assembly area
Industrial Cleaning
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Fitness weights placed neatly on a rack
Fitness and Gym Cleaning 
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Empty and clean auditorium seats
Education and Daycare Cleaning
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Empty and clean retail store
Retail Store Cleaning
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Key Questions to Ask During Your Commercial Cleaning Quote

  • How soon can the commercial cleaning services begin?
  • How many people will be servicing our workplace?
  • How frequently can we expect janitorial cleaning services?
  • Are there any time limits on when I can have my space cleaned?
  • What does Coverall do during a standard cleaning session?
  • What special cleaning services does Coverall offer?
  • Does Coverall have experience cleaning our type of workplace?
  • When can I expect to be invoiced?
  • What is the payment process?

Where to Begin Your Commercial Cleaning Search

There are a number of commercial cleaning service providers out there, but it may be difficult to know which ones are capable of meeting your specific needs and which do the best work. When beginning your search, Coverall suggests to take the following things into consideration:
  • Research online for commercial and janitorial cleaning services in your area. You will get a sense of the company’s service offerings to begin comparing commercial cleaning services and pricing.
  • Ask other businesses in your complex or on your block. See if they have a reliable cleaning service they are happy with, and ask for a referral. Avoid asking those who personally clean their own homes; commercial cleaning services require different skills.
Once you’ve found a commercial cleaning service provider that seems promising, you’ll need to set up an on-site visit and walk-through so that you and the provider can ensure your janitorial cleaning quote exactly matches your needs and nothing gets missed.

Not only does Coverall have a strong presence in a number of markets, their network of franchised owners is reliable, professional, and highly trained. Best of all, Coverall offers consistent quality of service as well as competitive pricing unmatched by individual cleaning companies.