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FAQs About Coverall

What is Coverall?®

Coverall North America, Inc. is a leading commercial cleaning franchised brand that has helped thousands of people realize their dreams of owning their own businesses. Additionally, our local Support Centers provide ongoing training, business support and commercial cleaning expertise to our network of Franchise Business Owners. We provide our network of Franchise Business Owners with comprehensive training in our proprietary Core 4® Cleaning Process, which is built on CDC and AORN standards. In turn, they provide a valuable and personalized service to their local customers. System-wide, there are more than 8,000 Franchised Businesses using Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System® and servicing more than 50,000 customers across 90 markets.

What’s unique about Coverall?

Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System® removes the maximum amount of dirt and kills germs consistently and thoroughly at each cleaning to help create a cleaner, healthier and safer work environment. Our local Coverall Franchise Business Owners are trained and certified to use Coverall’s Core 4® Cleaning Process and protocols and are supported locally by a Coverall Support Center.

How long has Coverall been in business?

Coverall began in 1985 in San Diego, California.

How big is Coverall?

The Coverall Network includes over 8,000 Coverall Franchise Businesses in the U.S. and internationally, servicing approximately 50,000 customers, cleaning over 2 million square feet of space each day. Coverall North America, Inc. has over 450 employees throughout its 46 Regional Support Centers and Global Support Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Who owns Coverall North America?

Coverall North America, Inc. is private equity owned. Individual Coverall commercial cleaning businesses are owned and operated by independent Franchise Business Owners.

Pricing FAQs

How are service prices calculated?

In order to accurately evaluate the cleaning needs most important to you and your business, a walkthrough of your facility will take place before pricing estimates are given. During this walkthrough, measurements of your cleanable square footage will be taken, and the condition and layout of your facility will be reviewed. Using that information, a proposal and Service Plan will be customized for you based on square footage, areas of focus, touch points, frequency of service and budget requirements. Pricing is based on ISSA industry standard rates for the services included in your Service Plan. By pricing services using information specific to your business, we can offer more accurate and transparent service quotes.

Do you have a National Accounts program?

Yes. Coverall offers special pricing and service programs to customers with multiple regional or national locations. One contract for janitorial services can alleviate many headaches. Contact our National Accounts team for info.

How much does office cleaning cost?

The size of your facility, frequency of service, complexity, building layout and your specific cleaning needs are several factors that affect pricing of commercial cleaning services. Additional On-Demand Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance Services are also offered at rates competitive in your market.

National Accounts Program FAQs

What are the features of the Coverall National Accounts Program?

Coverall National Accounts are eligible for special benefits including standardized work specifications and services, a single point of contact for communications and reporting and a specialized care team. For more information, visit our National Accounts page or contact us today.

Who qualifies as a National Account?

If you have locations in multiple cities across the United States and have a desire to better align your operational, financial and contractual process as it relates to your commercial cleaning needs, then you are a strong candidate for our program. Most National Accounts customers have a headquarters or corporate office where decisions are made about outsourced services on behalf of the other locations. Additionally, franchise companies frequently qualify for our programs and extend their preferred pricing and services to their franchisees as a value-added benefit. The goal for either program is to help your company leverage their scale and create specific standards and a process to provide a clean, healthy and safe environment for your staff and customers.

What is the value of the Coverall National Accounts Program?

Enjoy reliable and streamlined service from a professional commercial cleaning program that can help you maintain consistent brand standards and managed outsourced cleaning service. Your business and facilities management team can benefit from having one point of contact to manage, support and respond to the needs of your corporation and your individual locations.

What will my dedicated National Accounts Manager do?

A Coverall National Accounts Manager is your single point of contact responsible for managing all aspects of the client relationship and ensuring complete and total customer satisfaction. Problem Resolution Plans and a 24-hour Customer Care Line for emergency service are also provided through your National Accounts Manager.

What is your quality assurance plan?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Quality assurance, communication and consistent service are important to you and important to us. Our goal is strong long-term relationships between Coverall Franchise Business Owners and their customers. Our National Accounts Program achieves this through your dedicated National Accounts manager. Communication is centrally coordinated and disseminated from a single point of contact, which helps prevent lost messages or miscommunication. Monthly Virtual Check-ins with your local managers, Brand Standards Surveys and our service ticketing system help deliver a constant level of quality according to your specifications. Staying informed of your account is easy through regular management reports delivered directly to your Inbox. For more details about how the National Accounts Program can help you, please contact us.

Current Customers FAQs

I have a question about my invoice. Who should I contact?

For questions about billing and accounting please contact your local Coverall Support Center directly either by phone or email, or fill out our current customer form.

I need a W-9 for accounting purposes. How do I obtain one?

For W-9 requests, the best place to start is to ask your Coverall Franchise Business Owner directly, either by phone, email or via your Coverall Customer Services Log Book. If you require additional assistance, contact your local Coverall Support Center or fill out our current customer form.

I have a question about our service contract or schedule. Who should I contact?

Questions regarding your service contract or schedule can be communicated to your Coverall Franchise Business Owner in a few ways: directly in person, by phone, email or your Coverall Customer Services Log Book. If you require further or additional assistance, your local Coverall Support Center can be contacted directly by phone, email or by filling out our current customer form.

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