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Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Services


Without proper care, hard floors can be a detriment to the look of your business and a risk to its safety. They need both regular cleaning and periodic maintenance to effectively combat the impacts of weather, wear, spills and scratches.

Coverall can help you extend the life of this valuable business asset. From daily vacuuming and mopping to in-depth machine scrubbing, our highly trained independent business owners can deliver professional hard floor cleaning services targeted to your floor’s specific material. Let us help you provide a spotless, safe business environment with a hard floor cleaned to last.

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Types of Hard Floor
Surfaces Coverall Cleans

Not all hard floor materials are the same, so their cleaning process shouldn’t be either. Our Franchise Business Owners are trained to deliver hard floor care to each floor’s unique composition and cleaning needs to achieve the most effective results.

Keep all your Floors Clean

Stained carpets and seriously discolored grout are no match for our floor cleaning services.

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Remove stains, spots, dirt and odors trapped in your fabric flooring.

Explore Grout Scrubbing

Get rid of grime and restore grout to its original color for a thoroughly cleaned floor.

Hard Floor Cleaning for Your Workplace

Like any other surface, hard floors can harbor dirt, dust and germs. In offices, medical facilities and schools, the likelihood of this is especially high.

When your workplace needs professional hard floor cleaning services, Coverall can be there to deliver. Our Franchise Business Owners use advanced tools and solutions to remove dirt and kill germs so you’re left with a spotless floor and a safer space.

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Cleaning Hard Floors

Hard floor cleaning is an integral part of Coverall’s Core 4® Process, the proprietary cleaning system our Franchise Business Owners employ every day. Built on CDC and AORN guidelines for a hospital-grade clean, you can feel confident that your business’s hard floors don’t just look clean, they actually are clean.

  • Vacuuming with HEPA Backpack Vacuums - HEPA backpack vacuums feature advanced filtering abilities that can capture micron-sized dirt and dust particles from your floor’s surface without redistributing them back into the air, improving indoor air quality.
  • Mopping with No-Dip Flat Mops - Get a more effective mopping without the risk of cross contamination. No-dip flat mops can clean those hard-to-reach spots on your floor and won’t rely on recycled dirty water to do it.

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Environmental factors can leave your windows looking worse for the wear. Coverall’s window cleaning services can restore them to spotlessness, squeegeeing dirt, dust, pollen and fingerprints from surfaces and targeting tougher spots with more advanced tools.

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Hear From Customers

"Our medical office needs to not only look clean, but be clean. I have no worries, coming on Monday, I walk into a beautiful, fresh smelling, spotless office. That's difficult, as we have a limestone pattern floor that’s difficult to clean, and yet, the Coverall Franchise Owner makes it look clean. Thank you very, very much!"

- Natera at a medical clinic in Kirkland, Washington