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Warehouses, industrial plants and manufacturing facilities require regular cleaning to ensure the safety of employees and visitors. Unfortunately, many companies overlook warehouse cleaning, resulting in messy or dangerous situations that can result in unplanned employee absences and generally poor warehouse conditions.

Instead of letting your industrial facility maintenance get out of hand, trust Coverall®  manufacturing cleaning services to help maintain your plant productivity. With more than 36 years of experience tackling the biggest, toughest and most diverse industrial workspaces, Coverall’s Franchise Business Owners can deliver a clean that keeps your facility looking its best day in and day out.



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Proper warehouse cleaning is essential to creating a safe work environment. Did you know that 95 million workdays are lost due to slip-and-fall accidents each year? Improper warehouse floor cleaning products and techniques can affect floor finish and can create slippery surfaces that lead to accidents. The Coverall® System can help make sure your facility’s floors are properly cleaned. Our Franchise Business Owners are trained and equipped with the right tools and processes to take on any janitorial warehouse cleaning task.


Floor Cleaning Services

Large warehouses and industrial floors can seem hard to get clean, but Coverall Franchise Business Owners offer exceptional warehouse floor cleaning services. Coverall uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure your floors are clean to create a safe environment for all. Your provider can also strip, refinish and seal your floor for added protection.

Industrial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Industrial fabrics can accumulate small particles of dirt and grime which can increase wear and tear over time. Additionally, these particles can cause stains and unpleasant odors. Coverall upholstery cleaning services can ensure your furniture and carpets are well-maintained and protected from excess wear.

Window and Glass Cleaning Services

Windows are an easily overlooked piece of the warehouse cleaning process. They collect dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants that can degrade their quality over time. From light dust cleaning to deeper scrubbing, Coverall window cleaning services can keep your indoor windows and any first floor exterior windows looking clean and clear.

Power Washing and Loading Dock Cleaning Services

Industrial facilities are exposed to many different substances which can harm surfaces if left to settle. This is especially true of loading docks with high traffic in and out. Keep your docks looking their best with industrial warehouse cleaning services that include power washing.

Trash Removal and Recycling Services

To keep your facility looking its best, trust a Coverall-trained expert for trash, plastic and cardboard recycling removal. Coverall onsite trash disposal services free up your team’s resources, so you can focus on what you do best.

Please note, no trash can be removed from the property. Coverall Franchise Business Owners offer onsite removal services only.

Industrial Restroom Cleaning Services

Coverall janitorial warehouse cleaning services include industrial restroom cleaning. Ensure your facilities are kept neat and sanitized for the benefit of your employees and guests. Cleaner restrooms can help reduce illness and subsequent employee absences.

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Coverall Franchise Business Owners are well-equipped to serve a wide range of industries. Here are some of the most common industries using Coverall warehouse cleaning services:

Industrial Warehouses and Distribution Centers
Large warehouses need to remain clean and organized not only for employee safety, but also to maintain efficiency within the business. Keep your spaces clean and organized with help from Coverall-trained experts.
Factories and Manufacturing Plants
Daily manufacturing processes can generate significant dust and grime. Over time, this buildup can lead to unpleasant work conditions or even unsafe work conditions. Consistent, thorough cleaning can help maintain plant conditions at an acceptable level.
Self-Storage Facilities
Storage units often require deep cleaning after a tenant vacates. Minimize downtime and ensure all customers get a good first impression when renting at your facility.
Extra Large Building Spaces
Cleaning and maintenance for large spaces can be a time-consuming process even for the most basic tasks. Take the work off of your team’s plate and free up their time for tasks in pursuit of your company goals.
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Janitorial Cleaning Services

The Coverall System can keep your business clean from top to bottom. For your ongoing office janitorial services, you can trust a Coverall-trained expert to take care of the following cleaning tasks such as surface cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, waste removal and disinfecting.

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Deep Cleaning Services

In addition to regular ongoing cleaning, your local Coverall Franchise Business Owner can also be scheduled for one-off deep cleaning services when you have an immediate need for a more thorough cleaning, such as an upcoming public event, an opening/reopening ceremony or a similar scenario.

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Warehouse Floor Cleaning

To ensure your floors are properly protected, trust a Coverall expert trained to deal with nearly any surface that can be found in a warehouse. You can trust that your local Franchise Business Owner has been trained in the most effective cleaning methods and will be using the most advanced equipment available to ensure your facility has been cleaned to the highest standards.

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