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Why a Commercial Cleaning Company is the Only Option for Your Business

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is crucial for any place of business. However, not all cleaning services are created equal. At Coverall®, we specialize in commercial cleaning services, unlike residential cleaning companies, which focus primarily on homes.

The differences between the two types of companies are more significant than they may seem at first glance. Here’s why your business needs to opt for a commercial cleaning specialist instead of a general residential cleaner.

What Are Commercial Janitorial Services?

Commercial cleaning companies offer specialized cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of various workplaces, including offices, schools and medical facilities. These commercial janitorial services create a clean, healthy and safe work environment, removing the maximum amount of germs, dirt and bacteria.

Coverall commercial cleaning services stand out from the rest thanks to our Health-Based Cleaning System® and Core 4® Cleaning Process built on CDC and AORN guidelines. Our Franchise Business Owners are well-trained and continuously updated on the latest cleaning processes and protocols to deliver a hospital-grade clean with each visit. This expertise allows Coverall professionals to consistently deliver a level of cleanliness that surpasses what other cleaning services can achieve.

The Complexity of Commercial Spaces

Unlike residential spaces, which generally have a straightforward layout and similar rooms, different types of workplaces and facilities have additional complexities. These include high-traffic areas, frequently touched surfaces and strict sanitation requirements not found in the average home. Each space requires a customized approach delivered by an expert to minimize cross-contamination and deliver a comprehensive clean.

Why Professional Commercial Cleaning is Necessary

Commercial maintenance is more than cleanliness—it's about your employees' and guests' health and safety. The ramifications of a poorly cleaned commercial space can lead to decreased productivity and increased absenteeism due to illness. On the other hand, a clean work environment leads to healthier, happier employees and a better brand experience for your customers.

Commercial cleaning services aren’t an expense—they’re a worthwhile investment in your business.

Why Opt for Commercial Over Residential Cleaning Services?

While it might seem cost-effective to have employees handle basic cleaning tasks or hire a residential cleaner, these options fall short in a commercial setting. A commercial cleaning company uses specialized, highly effective chemicals and possesses industrial-grade equipment that residential services lack. Additionally, they can adapt to the unique demands of a business environment, offering tailored cleaning schedules that residential cleaners can't match. The result is a more consistent and thorough clean that prioritizes the health and safety of your workplace.

Who Needs Commercial Cleaning Services?

Whether you manage an office, own a medical facility or run an industrial manufacturing plant, you need professional cleaning services. Even office buildings, which may seem clean on the surface, can benefit from a professional cleaning service. Commercial cleaning services can mitigate risks like the spread of illness in ways not possible with built-in cleaning services.

Coverall provides a customizable cleaning plan tailored to your needs with Everyday General Cleaning Services that include vacuuming, waste removal and more. We also offer On-Demand Cleaning Services for deep cleaning and disinfecting and Preventative Maintenance Services like carpet cleaning and hard floor care. Our variety of services allows you to find the right fit for your business’s needs and budget.

The Advantage of a Commercial Contract Over Occasional Residential Services

A commercial contract provides a detailed cleaning schedule, ensuring that each area of your facility gets the attention it requires at the right frequency. Your cleaning needs may change over time as your business grows or moves. That's okay! As a specialized commercial cleaning company, we're flexible enough to adapt our services to meet those changing demands, so you'll always have peace of mind knowing your facility has been cleaned to the highest standards.

Why Coverall is the Top Choice for Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services offer expertise and customization that residential cleaners cannot match. Coverall specializes in commercial cleaning, ensuring your work environment is clean, healthy and safe. If you are still unsure about the cleaning services to opt for, remember that with a commercial cleaning company like Coverall, you're not just getting a cleaner space—you're getting peace of mind.

Take the first step in securing a cleaner, healthier workplace by contacting us for a free commercial cleaning quote. One of our Franchise Business Owners will work with you to create a unique cleaning plan for your business.

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