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Customers choose the Coverall® Program for consistent high
quality service, dependable communication and healthier cleaning.

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Coverall® Program Benefits

  • Consistent, dependable service and a healthier clean
  • Coverall Core 4® Process sets a new standard
  • Advanced cleaning equipment and industry protocols
  • Hospital-grade disinfectants kill germs
  • Helps reduce the risk of illness and infection

How much should commercial cleaning services cost?

Understanding how commercial cleaning services are priced can seem like a mystery, but it shouldn't be. Coverall is transparent with pricing.
A Coverall Sales Consultant can show you exactly how your price is calculated and what is included so there are no surprises.

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What's included with commercial cleaning services?

A basic or “regular” commercial cleaning service includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and trash removal. In addition to standard dusting and wiping, the Coverall® Program includes dusting high touch points, desktop telephones, microwaves (inside and outside), window sills and other items overlooked by most commercial cleaning companies.

A regular clean using the Coverall® Program includes:






Special Cleaning Services

Most commercial cleaning services only offer the basics. The Coverall® Program offers additional Special Services, upon request, to address the long-term needs of your business. Special Services include carpet cleaning, hard floor care, window cleaning and more.
Learn more about Coverall Special Cleaning Services.



Facilities of all types and sizes benefit from the Coverall® Program. Choose your facility to find out how.

Customers choose the Coverall® Program for the consistent,
dependable service and a genuinely healthy clean.

Coverall Franchised Business Owners are trained, certified professionals who deliver the Coverall Core 4® Process

to keep your office looking its best while helping reduce the risk of illness and infection.
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