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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Get All the Training you Need to Start a Cleaning Business

Even if you have no experience in commercial cleaning or owning a business, you can get into this in-demand industry quickly with Coverall. As a leading franchised brand, Coverall has licensed thousands of entrepreneurs to operate independent professional commercial cleaning businesses all over the US and Canada. You get a proven roadmap based on more than 36 years of experience, plus the backing of a well-known brand name.

It all starts with an in-person presentation to introduce you to Coverall and our business model.


About Coverall

Since 1985, Coverall has helped thousands of people build commercial cleaning businesses using the Coverall brand, process and systems. Our comprehensive training and proprietary Core 4® Process have enabled Coverall franchise business owners to provide a much-needed service to businesses in their area while enjoying the freedom of making their own schedule and growing at their own pace.

Get a glimpse inside the training and day-to-day work of Coverall franchise business owners.

How We Support Our Franchise Business Owners

Coverall provides its franchise business owners with resources you would not get if you started your own cleaning business from scratch.

  • Hassle-free, in-house financing
  • Training in CDC-recommended cleaning protocols
  • Training in how to manage a franchise business
  • The chance to purchase our cleaning starter kit, designed around our proprietary Core 4® cleaning processes
  • A customer base upon completion of training
  • The chance to order branded apparel, business cards, and marketing materials
  • A regional support center available when you need it
  • The opportunity to apply for scholarships for your children
  • Awards and recognition for top franchise business owners

You will find complete details on these benefits and more in your Franchise Disclosure Document, after your franchise business presentation.

Hear Directly From Happy Franchise Business Owners

Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising

Do I need cleaning experience?
You do not need any cleaning experience to get started with Coverall. We provide complete training in our proprietary Core 4® cleaning processes, built on CDC recommended tools and techniques. These are the skills that businesses want and need to keep their locations clean, healthy, and safe.
Do I need business experience?
In addition to cleaning training, we also provide training and ongoing support in how to run your franchise business. We help you navigate accounting, invoicing, hiring, and more. All you need is commitment and enthusiasm.
Do I need to find my own cleaning clients?
Coverall has an active marketing program, continuously working to identify new commercial cleaning clients for our franchise business owners. After you complete your training, you will have the opportunity to purchase accounts in your area. You can also seek clients and Coverall will facilitate getting a contract in place for them.
Will I need to hire employees?
Many franchise business owners start out with just themselves, or with a partner such as a spouse or family member. After you get your business going, you can grow at your own pace, and you may eventually decide to create jobs and add employees — ultimately, it’s up to you!
How can I know if I’m ready for franchise ownership?
If you’re looking for a job change, an opportunity where you can grow as a professional while setting your schedule, a way to build a legacy for your family, or simply a way into an in-demand essential industry, you may find that owning a commercial cleaning franchise meets your needs.
What are the costs involved with starting a Coverall franchise?
A commercial cleaning franchise is considered one of the most affordable types of franchises. You will first need to pay a startup fee that covers your training, marketing and brand name rights. Next, you will need a startup kit and materials. There will be some additional costs, like business registration and insurance, which vary according to where you live. Remember, unlike with some kinds of small businesses, a commercial cleaning franchise doesn’t require you to pay for a brick-and-mortar location. Learn more here.
How can I finance my Coverall franchise?
Coverall offers hassle-free, in-house financing. Alternatively, some franchise business owners draw upon their savings, use their tax refund, or take out small business loans.
Is there a discount for military veterans?
Yes! Coverall encourages military veterans to use their decision-making talent, personnel management experience, and desire to succeed, to independently own and operate a Coverall Franchise. For that reason, we proudly offer a military discount.